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weber 2014
Bruce Weber photo shoot, 2014

"I've been playing a lot of music lately. It's a real lifesaver, being able to focus on my first love. It's freedom."

--Interview (conducted by Iggy Pop), April 2014

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5 Most Recent Live performances:
  • April 7, 2014:  Jimmy Kimmel Live, LA with Chuck E. Weiss
  • March 31, 2014:  798 Art Zone, Beijing, China with David Tao
  • March 9, 2014:  Rodeo Arena, Austin TX, with Willie Nelson
  • January 25, 2014:  Imperial 8 Ball/Duesenberg NAMM Party, Anaheim CA
  • February 21, 2013:  David Letterman taping, Ed Sullivan Theater, NYC with Bill Carter And The Blame
Recent and upcoming releases:
  • (Dec 2014) Into The Woods (Feature Film).  Johnny will play the Wolf in the screen adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim musical.
  • (2014?) Keith Richards Documentary (working title Happy).  Johnny is directing a documentary about Keith Richards; the film has been in the works for about 4 years.
  • (2014?) Friends Of The Viper Room (Documentary).   This film will focus on the history of The Viper Room, which Johnny owned from 1993-2004.
  • (2014?) That's What I'm Doing Here (Documentary).  Johnny is in performance footage in this film about musicians Bill Carter, Alejandro Escovedo, and Charlie Sexton.
  • (2014?) Song for upcoming Steven Tyler album.  Tyler reveals that he's written a song(s) for an upcoming solo album with Johnny; Billboard reports that Johnny may appear on the album.
  • (2014?) Song for upcoming Alice Cooper album.  Alice reports that Johnny wrote the music for what might be the title track of Alice's next album.  It may be the covers album below.
  • (2014?) Covers album project with Alice Cooper.  Robby Krieger reports playing guitar for this album, which may contain a song(s) honoring Krieger's former Doors bandmate Jim Morrison and other dead rock stars.  This may or may not include the song that Alice reported on above.
  • (May 2014) Louise Goffin: Songs From The Mine (Album).  Johnny provides handclaps and backing vocals on the song, Watching The Sky Turn Blue, which was released in September, 2013.  A PledgeMusic campaign is in the works to help fund the album.
  • (April 2014) Chuck E. Weiss: Red Beans And Weiss (Album).  Johnny is an executive producer and musician.
  • (March 2014) Shades Of Elvis (Photo Book).  Johnny participates in this photo book paying tribute to Elvis Presley, "The King of Rock 'n Roll."
  • (Dec 2013) For No Good Reason (Documentary).  Johnny participates in this documentary about artist Ralph Steadman.  The film features Ralph giving ukulele lessons to Johnny.
  • (Oct 2013) Queenie Eye (Music video).  Johnny participates in the Paul McCartney video, which was filmed at Abbey Road Studios.

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Addendum, 7 years on: this past year has been amazingly busy for Johnny, musicwise.  Last fall he made an unprecedented number of live appearances with various artists, and he continues to show up on recordings.  He admits that he's had "
sort of a rebirth of my relationship with music."  Here's hoping that Johnny will continue to pursue his musical interests in the coming year, and for many years to come!                      -Cathy aka MadScntst, July 23, 2013

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