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Here is a list of Johnny's known participation in music videos from 1991 through 2014.   For videos from 2015 and onwards, please visit Page 2.  See more details below, and please click images to enlarge. (YouTubes are available for most videos.)

1991    Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers:  Into The Great Wide Open
1992    Lemonheads:  It's A Shame About Ray
1994    Shane MacGowan & The Popes:  That Woman's Got Me Drinking
1995    Help Project/Warchild Charities:  Come Together
1995    United Colors Of Plutonium:  Nuclear Free Pacific
1997    Oasis:  Fade In-Out
2000    Vanessa Paradis:  Pourtant
2006    Johnny Cash:  God's Gonna Cut You Down
2008    Vanessa Paradis:  L'incendie
2009    Vanessa Paradis:  Il y a
2010    Shane MacGowan & Friends:  I Put A Spell On You
2011    Alice Cooper: I'll Bite Your Face Off
2012    Paul McCartney: My Valentine
2012    Paul McCartney: Making My Valentine (featurette)
2012    Aerosmith: Train Kept A Rollin'
2013    Paul McCartney: Queenie Eye
2013    Paul McCartney: The Making Of Queenie Eye (featurette)
2014    Chuck E. Weiss: Boston Blackie
2014    Paul McCartney: Early Days
2014    Paul McCartney: Early Days (Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Jam)
2014    Paul McCartney: Making Of Early Days (featurette)
2014    The New Basement Tapes: Kansas City
2014    Joe Perry: White Christmas
Actor/Archive Footage
1993    Iggy Pop/Goran Bregovic:  In The Deathcar
1993    The Proclaimers:  I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
1995    Bryan Adams:  Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?
2010    Avril Lavigne:  Alice
Voiceover/Spoken Word
2012    Kae State Feat. Rob Jackson & Jup: Street Runners
2014    Pink Grenade: Gold Blooded
1993    "Stuff"  (short film)
1994    Shane MacGowan & The Popes:  That Woman's Got Me Drinking
1995    United Colors Of Plutonium:  Nuclear Free Pacific
2000    Vanessa Paradis:  Pourtant
2001    Vanessa Paradis:  Que fait la vie
2008    Vanessa Paradis:  L'incendie
2009    Vanessa Paradis:  Il y a
2010    Babybird:  Unloveable


A1) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers:  Into The Great Wide Open
Filmed early August 1991, released August 25, 1991.  Available on the DVD Playback; originally released 1995.  In 2014, Tom Petty said during a show in Seattle, "This song is absolutely all I remember from 1991... I never met so many women in my life as when we had Johnny Depp in this video.”  In 2009, 18 years after its release, the video got an MTV nomination for "Best Video (That Should've Won A Moonman)".  However, the video lost out to the Beastie Boys' Sabotage.

gwo1   petty Great Wide Open 9   gwo 12   GWO 15   petty gwo 25

GWO 32   gwo 33   gwo 37   gwo 42   GWO 47

gwo rdad   rdad1   rdad crop   rdad1200

Into The Great Wide Open on YouTube

In the summer of 2009, an original VHS tape of the video was auctioned on eBay, with the following photo and blurb.  The blurb gives information about the video, including the director, Julien Temple, and several other stars that appeared in the video.  I did not bid on this item, but I am acquainted with the seller and can verify that he indeed knew Johnny in 1991, and I believe his claim that Johnny gave this item to him directly.

VHS tape ITGWO   eBay blurb ITGWO

A2) Lemonheads:  It’s A Shame About Ray
Released August 1992.  Released on the VHS Two Weeks In Australia in 1993.  It was also released on DVD with a remastered and expanded version of the album It's A Shame About Ray by Rhino Records on March 25, 2008.  About the video, Evan Dando says, "In the early '90s, I was living at this crummy place in the  San Fernando Valley, and  Johnny Depp  had a big house, all empty. He just said, 'Come over.' He's a real generous person. He let me live at his house for a couple of months. So, I got Johnny in a video ['It's a Shame about Ray']."

lemonheads shame 1   shame 2   shame 3   shame 4   shame 5

shame 6   shame 7   shame 8   shame 9   shame 10

It's A Shame About Ray on YouTube
Evan Dando & The Lemonheads site, with reviews of It's A Shame About Ray (Collector's Edition)
American Way Magazine mention of Johnny and the video

A3) Shane MacGowan & The Popes:  That Woman’s Got Me Drinking
Filmed in part Aug. 9 1994.  Majority of one version of the video is available on the DVD, If I Should Fall From Grace – The Shane MacGowan Story (the beginning and end are cut), released April 22, 2003.  The video was also released on Zang Tumb Tuum, The ZTT Box Set on October 27, 2008.

Two versions of the video were released.  One had drinking...

twgmd 1   twgmd 9   twgmd 10   twgmd 11   twgmd 17

twgmd 19   twgmd 21   twgmd 22   twgmd 28   twgmd 30

That Woman's Got Me Drinking (version 1) on YouTube

And an alternate video for daytime showing cut out the drinking!  Shane and the Popes mimed performing in a black and white video on an empty soundstage, and there is additional footage of Johnny not seen in the original.

twgmd alt3   gmd alt 1   gmd alt 3   gmd alt 8   gmd alt 9

gmd alt 11   gmd alt 14   gmd alt 16   gmd alt 17   gmd alt 18

That Woman's Got Me Drinking (version 2) on YouTube
December 1, 1994 Rolling Stone mention of Johnny as actor and director

A4) Come Together
For the Help project and Warchild charities, Sept. 4, 1995.

cometogether1   cometogether2   cometogether3   cometogether4   cometogether5   cometogether6

Come Together HD video on
Come Together on YouTube
About the Warchild organization and the Help recording

A5) United Colors Of Plutonium/Nuclear Free Pacific
Video/short film, November 1995

nucfree0   nfp 1   nfp 2   nfp 3   nfp 4

A6)  Oasis:  Fade In-Out
Live/Promo version, ca. 1997.  (Thanks Claudia and Keyser!)
A small thumbnail of this video was found on an Oasis fan site that is no longer online; click on the thumbnail below left for a slightly enlarged (but still tiny) image. This site: links to but the video is no longer available there.  I received a very brief 18 second video that is bracketed by the MTV logo, described as "the whole video."  I don't know if that is all that was ever shown on MTV or if it is simply all that survives. The video can be seen here; four screen caps are below.  The image on the right is a screen capture from a VH-1 A2Z special that appears to be the same location as the video.

fade in-out   fade 4   fade 1   fade 2   fade 3   a to z

A7) Vanessa Paradis:  Pourtant
(his hand and brief glimpses), 2000.

pourtant1   pourtant 2   pourtant 3   pourtant 4

Pourtant on YouTube
Pourtant and other videos on Vanessa's official site

A8) Johnny Cash:  God's Gonna Cut You Down
Premiered November 9, 2006.  This video won a Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Videoon February 10, 2008.  The participants included, in order: David Allan Coe, Iggy Pop, Kanye West, Chris Martin, Kris Kristofferson, Patti Smith, Terrence Howard, Flea, Q-Tip, Adam Levine, Chris Rock, Justin Timberlake, Kate Moss, Sir Peter Blake, Sheryl Crow, Dennis Hopper, Woody Harrelson, Amy Lee, Tommy Lee, The Dixie Chicks, Mick Jones, Sharon Stone, Patricia Arquette, Bono, Shelby Lynne, Anthony Kiedis, Travis Barker, Lisa Marie Presley, Kid Rock, Jay-Z, Keith Richards, Billy Gibbons, Corinne Bailey Rae, Johnny Depp, Graham Nash, Brian Wilson, Whoopi Goldberg, Rick Rubin, and Owen Wilson.

cash2   cash1   cash2   cash3   cash4

God's Gonna Cut You Down on YouTube
November 30, 2006 Rolling Stone article about the video
Wikipedia page about the song, including Cash's version and video

A9) Vanessa Paradis:  L'incendie
Released March 26, 2008.  The video is directed by Johnny, and it is highly suspected that he also appears in the video as a mysterious man wearing a hat.

lincendie1   lincendie6   lincendie6a   lincendie12

L'incendie and other videos on Vanessa's official site

A10) Vanessa Paradis:  Il y a
Released ca. October 15, 2009.  This is another video directed by Johnny, and his presence is confirmed by his index finger tattoo in at least one brief clip of a wine toast.  He may also appear in additional scenes; the scene with the wedding couple is confirmed.  Lily-Rose and Jack have also been spotted.

il y a 12   il y a 2   il y a 14

Il y a and other videos on Vanessa's official site
London Evening Standard interview with Vanessa including discussion of the video

A11) Shane MacGowan & Friends:  I Put A Spell On You
Released February 24, 2010.  Johnny plays guitar on this single to benefit Concern Worldwide, for their relief efforts for the victims of the devastating January 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  The video features Shane MacGowan, Nick Cave, Bobby Gillespie, Glen Matlock, Chrissie Hynde, Paloma Faith, and Eliza Doolittle on vocals, Johnny, James Walbourne, and Mick Jones on guitar, Cait O’Riordan on bass, Carwyn Ellis on keyboards, and Rob Walbourne on drums.  The fire hydrant (extinguisher) was “played” by Mick Jones.
Note:  Infinitum Nihil, Johnny's production company, is thanked in the ending credits, though there is no indication that they were actually involved in the production of this single.

haiti 0   haiti 2   haiti 3   haiti 4   haiti 5

haiti 7   haiti 8   haiti 9   haiti 10   haiti 11

I Put A Spell On You on YouTube
Concern Worldwide

Shane MacGowan "Kills a Dog for Haiti":  Only Shane can threaten a stuffed animal to promote a charity in this hilarious YouTube.  He and Victoria Clarke also compliment Johnny's guitar playing.

promo1   promo 2   promo 3   promo 4   promo 5

promo 7   promo 11   promo 10   promo 13   promo 14

A12) Alice Cooper:  I'll Bite Your Face Off
Released August 22, 2011.  The video is for Alice's first single from the album, Welcome 2 My Nightmare.  Johnny appears briefly in live performance footage from a June 26, 2011 show at the 100 Club in London.  Johnny didn't actually play on the song I'll Bite Your Face Off at the show, but instead played on I'm Eighteen and School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall.

cooper 1   cooper 2   cooper 3

cooper 4   cooper 5   cooper 6

I'll Bite Your Face Off on
I'll Bite Your Face Off on YouTube

A13) Paul McCartney:  My Valentine
Premiered April 13, 2012 an event hosted by Stella McCartney in LA.  Also released on the Live Kisses DVD on November 13, 2012.
Paul McCartney directs this video, with cinematography by Wally Pfister, based on a concept by Stella McCartney.  There are actually three videos in all: one with Johnny, one with Natalie Portman, and one with both.  The song is an original McCartney composition from his album, Kisses On The Bottom.  During the videos, Johnny and Natalie use American Sign Language to interpret the lyrics to the song.  Johnny and Natalie were coached by Bill Pugin of The American Sign Language Company (thanks to Melissa and Evelyn for the information).  In addition, according to McCartney's offical site, "Johnny Depp also plays guitar in his version and recorded the track's guitar solo live.  His guitar take was then mixed and mastered into the final track.  The original guitar solo on the studio version of the song was performed by Eric Clapton."  Beginning in May of 2012, a split-screen version of the video was shown before the French film The Intouchables during its US theatrical run.  Producer Harvey Weinstein said in a statement, "What an honor it is to have Paul's short film directorial debut on the head of 'The Intouchables' showings. Paul and Stella are great old friends."  Since it has been shown in theaters, IMDb considers this video to be a film short and has added it to its database.  The video got a prominent showing at the December 12, 2012 "12-12-12" Concert for Hurricane Sandy relief, as Paul McCartney had it playing on screen behind him as he performed the song live.
See also the Making My Valentine featurette below.

mv1   mv2   mv 3   myval 4   val 0

val 00   val1   val2   val3   val4

mv5   mv6   mv7   mv8

A13a) Paul McCartney:  Making My Valentine
Released on the Live Kisses DVD and Blu-Ray, November 13, 2012.  This is a 12 minute featurette with behind the scenes footage of the My Valentine video shoot.  Approximately the first half features Natalie Portman, and the last half features Johnny.  There are clips of Johnny, Paul, and cinematographer Wally Pfister doing an impromptu jam session, Johnny learning some of the American Sign Language signs, shooting the video, and shooting Johnny's guitar solo.

mmv 1   mmv 9   mmv 14   mmv 16   mmv 21

mmv 20   mmv 23   mmv 28   mmv 29   mmv 32

live kisses 1   live kisses back   live kisses liner   live kisses int   live kisses thanks   DVD menu

My Valentine with Natalie Portman and Johnny
My Valentine with Johnny only
April 13, 2012 LA Times article
April 13, 2012 article
May 24, 2012 LA Times article about the video showing before The Intouchables
The Sign Language Company website

A14) Aerosmith:  Train Kept A Rollin'
Released on the Deluxe Version of the album Songs From Another Dimension! on November 6, 2012; taken from a performance on August 6, 2012 at the Hollywood Bowl in LA.  Band member Joe Perry says of Johnny's appearance:  "But I think the real impact of his playing and his presence is on Train Kept A Rollin'.  You can really hear him cut loose.  And both of us... I mean we're really big fans of his, so to hear him play with us on a song and for him to play with us on Train Kept A Rollin' was a real mutual admiration thing.  It was a lot of fun."

tkar 2   tkar   tkar 3   tkar 10   tkar 15

tkar 16  
tkar 22   tkar 31   tkar 36   tkar 42

Train Kept A Rollin' on YouTube

A15) Paul McCartney:  Queenie Eye

Released on October 24, 2013.  Johnny filmed his part in this video at the legendary Abbey Road Studios on September 30, 2013.  He was shown in photos arriving at the studio that day.  Other celebrities that participated include Johnny's Into The Woods castmates Meryl Streep, Chris Pine, Tracey Ullman, and James Corden, as well as Jeremy Irons, Kate Moss, Sean Penn, Lily Cole, Alice Eve, and many others.  From a casting call placed on, 20 lucky fans were also reportedly chosen to take part in the video; their part was filmed on October 2.  In the video, Johnny is both the first and the last celebrity seen, as stars and fans begin to fill up a previously empty recording studio while Paul does a take of his song.  Stars and fans are seen dancing to, singing along with, and grooving to the song, but when the take is over, the studio is once again found to be empty, except for Paul.  When asked in a Twitter Q&A on October 3 when was the last time he laughed uncontrollably, Paul replied that it had been the day before, during the video shoot.

QE 3   QE4   QE 7   QE 10   QE 16

QE 19   QE 21   QE 24   QE 25   QE 28

Queenie Eye on YouTube
October 2, 2013 Music News article
October 21, 2013 Buzzfeed Article

A15a) Paul McCartney:  The Making Of Queenie Eye
Released on Macca's Official Site and Facebook page on October 23, 2013.  Macca discusses his extensive history with Abbey Road Studios and also explains the song title of Queenie Eye.  Johnny and other celebrities speak about being at Abbey Road and taking part in the video.

MOQE 3   MOQE 6   MOQE 7   MOQE 9   MOQE 13

The Making Of Queenie Eye on YouTube

A16) Chuck E. Weiss:  Boston Blackie
Released on May 14, 2014.  The video is drawn by Nate Merritt, and credited to Anti- Records and Infinitum Nihil.  In addition to Johnny and several of his guises, many friends and family of Chuck and Johnny, and other musicians and notable figures, are spotted throughout the video.  Boston Blackie is released on Chuck's Red Beans And Weiss album.

bb1   bb 3   bb4   bb 10   bb11   bb 13
Boston Blackie on YouTube

A17) Paul McCartney:  Early Days
Released on July 7, 2014 on  Johnny was reported to be filming another video with Paul on March 5, 2014, and was later spotted in screen caps.  It was subsequently confirmed that the video was indeed filmed on March 5, in Los Angeles.

ed1   ed 3   ed4   ed5   ed6   ed9

ed bts2   early days bts zz   ed cap2   early days 290   ed cap 1   ed bts 1   ed bts 3
(bottom right photo, l-r: Al Williams, Misha Lindes, Johnny Depp, Roy Gaines, director Vincent Haycock, Paul McCartney, Henree Harris, Dale Atkins, Lil Poochie, Motown Maurice)

Early Days on YouTube
Article and video on
Article on NME
News of the video release on
Slideshow of the video shoot, with photos by MJ Kim, on

A17a) Paul McCartney:  Early Days (Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Jam)
Released on September 5, 2014 on, which says, "This exclusive footage captures an impromptu jamming session that broke out between Paul and the musicians on the day of the shoot."  The footage lasts a full half hour and is an awesome example of pure musicianship.

jam1   jam 7   jam 8   jam9   jam 10   jam 11

Early Days Jam on YouTube

A17b) Paul McCartney:  Making Of Early Days
Released on the New Collector's Edition CD/DVD set on October 27, 2014.  The approximately 9 minute featurette includes comments from Paul and director Vincent Haycock about the video's concept: that of two boys meeting and forming a band and a close friendship; it represents the story of Paul and John Lennon and the Beatles, but rather than a literal retelling, it is instead set in the American South during about the same time period.  There are also comments from Paul and Johnny as well as a brief glimpse of Patti Smith, who visited the video shoot.

moed 1   moed 4   moed 9   moed 13   moed 15   moed 18

moed 20   moed 24   moed 26   moed 31   moed 34   moed 41

A18) The New Basement Tapes ft. Lead Vocal by Marcus Mumford:  Kansas City
Released on November 4, 2014.  This is an "Official Music Video" from the Showtime documentary, Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued, which premiered on November 21, 2014.  The documentary is about the recording of Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes, which features songs using some newly discovered Bob Dylan Lyrics from the era of The Basement Tapes (ca. 1967).  Artists including Mumford, Elvis Costello and others composed and arranged music to Dylan's Lyrics.  Johnny filled in for Costello on a day that the latter had a scheduling conflict and could not attend a recording session, participating on Kansas City.

kc 1   kc 3   kc 5   kc 8   kc 9   kc 11

kc 12   kc 13   kc 14   kc 17   kc 18   kc 20

Kansas City on YouTube

A19) Joe Perry: White Christmas
Released on December 24, 2014.  Johnny is shown briefly in animated form in this video released by Unison Music on Christmas Eve.  Like Chuck E. Weiss' Boston Blackie video (see A16 above), this appears to be another Nate Merritt creation. White Christmas is part of Perry's Merry Christmas EP, which also features Run Run Rudolph with Johnny on rhythm guitar; Johnny does not play on White Christmas.

Actor (Archive Footage from Films)

B2)  Iggy Pop/Goran Bregovic:  In The Deathcar
1993.  Clips are from the motion picture, Arizona Dream.

deathcar1   deathcar 2   deathcar6   deathcar7   deathcar9

In The Deathcar on YouTube

B2)  The Proclaimers:  I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
1993.  Clips are from the motion picture, Benny & Joon.

500 1   500 2   500 3   500 6   500 6


B3)  Bryan Adams:  Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?
1995.  Clips are from the motion picture, Don Juan DeMarco.

djdm 1   djdm 2   djdm 3   djdm 4   djdm 5

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman on YouTube

B4)  Avril Lavigne:  Alice
2010.  Clips are from the motion picture, Alice In Wonderland.

alice 1   alice 2   alice 3   alice 4   alice 5

Alice on YouTube

Voiceover/Spoken Word

C1) Kae State Feat. Rob Jackson & Jup:  Street Runners
Released on July 17, 2012.  The video features Johnny reciting a narration authored by Kate Hadfield.  The song was produced by Johnny's nephew Billy Rassel and released on the albums Collective Bargaining and The Hookah Lounge, Vol. 1.  Johnny was credited as Mr. Stench.

street runners   mr stench

Street Runners on YouTube

C2) Pink Grenade:  Gold Blooded
Released on July 15, 2014.  A portion of Johnny's narration of Kate Hadfield's piece from Street Runners was also used in this video produced by Jonathan Hay and Mike Smith and is credited in the YouTube description; Hay also worked with Rassel on Street Runners.

pink grenade 1   pink grenade 2

Gold Blooded on YouTube


D1) “Stuff”
A short form video about Red Hot Chili Pepper member John Frusciante, 1993.  Director; Produced by Johnny's brother Danny and "scaramanga bros."

stuff title   stuff director credit   stuff producer credit

Stuff on YouTube
IMDb page for Stuff

D2) Shane MacGowan & The Popes:  That Woman’s Got Me Drinking
1994.  Director.

woman's got me credit

That Woman's Got Me Drinking (version 1) on YouTube
December 1, 1994 Rolling Stone mention of Johnny as actor and director
August 10, 1995 Rolling Stone mention of Johnny as director

D3) Colors Of Plutonium/Nuclear Free Pacific
Video/short film, November 1995. Co-producer with Sam Hurwitz.  (Thanks Claudia!)


An excerpt from the NY Daily News states:
"NY Daily News: Johnny Depp film features new U2 song
Source : NY Daily News
   Don’t offer Johnny Depp any Evian.
The actor is just one of a brigade of celebrities taking a stand against French nuclear testing in the South Pacific. They’vejoined a boycott of French goods that has been going strong in Germany, Australia, New Zealand and England, whereeven Princess Diana has refused French strawberries.
Depp, Paul McCartney, Cindy Crawford, Simon LeBon, Naomi Campbell, Depp’s girlfriend Kate Moss and others posed for nuclear-free South Pacific posters plastered all over London. And Depp has made a short film on the underground tests featuring a new U2 anthem which debuted Saturday night at the 212 Group party at Industria......................."
     This would put the video debut at November 4, 1995.
     I saved the text from the above article some time in the past.  Searching for this article online, I could not find a reference from the Daily News, as the archives only go back to 1997.  The former JohnnyDeppFan site makes reference to this video and the party at the Industria, but states that the video debuted on Nov. 11.  

D4) Vanessa Paradis:  Pourtant
2000.  Director.


Director credit for Pourtant, originally on the site of cinematographer Nicola Pecorini newsletter citing the original director credit as an alias, "Richard Mudd" director credit to "Richard Mudd"
Pourtant on YouTube
Pourtant and other videos on Vanessa's official site

D5) Vanessa Paradis:  Que fait la vie
2001.  Director.

que fait director credit to "Richard Mudd"
Que fait la vie on YouTube
Que fait la vie and other videos on Vanessa's official site

D6) Vanessa Paradis:  L'incendie
2008.  Director.  Translation from MSN video site: "After 2 victories of music, Vanessa Paradis is back with a new single "L'incendie" (Fire) and a clip event directed by Johnny Depp in person. (2008)"

lincendie4   lincendie7   lincendie9   lincendie10   lincendie11

paradis e-mail

L'incendie and other videos on Vanessa's official site

D7) Vanessa Paradis:  Il y a
2009.  Director.  Vanessa's official site notes in a caption, "réalisé par JD".  

il y a 1   il y a 4   il y a 7   il y a 9   il y a 12

il y a credit

Il y a and other videos on Vanessa's official site
London Evening Standard interview with Vanessa including discussion of the video. Excerpt:
"It's a very homemade' film, an old-fashioned stop-motion fantasy featuring, Freedom, running, dancing, drinking, madness, the broadness of a bird's wings, nature, and people, and love, playfulness, day, night, stars, clouds, bells, no bells…"  Was Johnny a good director Patient? "Very patient and he's got beautiful ideas. My face is on camera, singing, and then he had the idea of transposing over it a film of clouds moving. In all things he has an incredible sense of detail, and you can sense this in the video."  In one brief, flickering scene, the two of them appear in old-style wedding hats and coats, outside a church. After ten years together as common-law man and wife, telling anyone who asked that they didn't need a piece of paper' to make their relationship permanent, have they finally tied the knot? "That's a… metaphor? To tell you not to take things for granted. It's not pointing to weddings and bells." But it must have been a little strange filming that scene? "No, it was just fun, really funny."

D8) Babybird:  Unloveable
March 8, 2010.  Director.  

This video was said to have filmed over a 4 day period, including Sept. 21-22, 2009 at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, UK.  The video stars Babybird frontman Stephen Jones, as well as Johnny's Public Enemies costar, Stephen Graham, and Jones says it may "turn out to be an 8-minute short film."  The video is loosely based on the short story An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce.  About the shoot, Stephen says that Johnny "was the same as most directors. If something’s not going right they’ll tell you, but if it is they don'’t say anything."  Unloveable is the lead single from Babybird's album, Ex-Maniac, which was produced by Bruce Witkin of Unison Music and released in March of 2010.  The song also features Johnny on guitar.  In February of 2011, The Sun reported that Johnny won an Independent Music Video Award for Best Director for this video.  However, the validity of this award seems questionable, as there were no credible news stories or official information to back this up.  That said, it is certainly a video that deserves awards!

Screen caps from the video:

unl 1   unl 6   unl 10   unl 14   unl 16

unl 18   unl 20   unl 27

unl 29   unl 34   unl 35   unl 36   unl 40

Behind the scenes photos:

babybird bts 1   babybird bts 2   babybird bts 3   babybird bts 7   babybird bts 5   babybird bts 9

babybird bts 6   babybird bts 4   babybird ct2   babybird bts 10   babybird bts 8   babybird bts ct 7   bb vid bts

Unloveable on YouTube
Babybird/Stephen Jones Official site
Babybird on Unison Music
The Bad Pages ("the stephen jones & babybird neighbourhood")
December 25, 2003 Rolling Stone interview in which Johnny mentions Babybird
The Bad Pages October 2008 interview with Stephen Jones (Stephen's first mention of recording a new album with "a friend of Johnny Depp")
The Bad Pages article, September 24, 2009
Entertainment Weekly writeup, April 22, 2010

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See also the JD Rocks! Musical Characters Gallery for Johnny's participation in the musical original closing credits to the Pilot and the Season 2 Finale of 21 Jump Street, and the Documentaries section for his participation in long-form music-related documentaries.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street is not strictly a music video, but it is the first feature film in which Johnny has a role that features substantial singing.  Sweeney Todd was released on Region 1 DVD on April 1, 2008.  See the JD Rocks!  Sweeney Todd page and Galleries for more on the film!

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