Johnny Depp Music Timeline

(established 2006; last updated 6/24/17)

1963 06 09 Born in Owensboro, KY
1970 Moves to Miramar, FL
1975 (approx) mom Betty Sue buys Johnny his first guitar for $25

1976 (approx) Johnny joins his first band, Flame; plays 2 songs at Catholic School carnival
1976 (approx) reportedly plays at Henry D. Perry Middle School
1978 (approx) band called Zaphyre; "100% Van Halen tunes"
1978-1980 (approx) band called Bitch; "90% Van Halen tunes"
1978-1980 (approx) Bitch auditions for Friendship Train talent show at Miramar HS; does not get picked
1978-1980 (approx) Bitch plays various shows including Madonna High School, a high school in North Miami, the AOR Club and The Blue Waters 
1979 (approx) rehearses with band called Stiff Richard 
(approx) plays guitar recital with Ron Davis and Joe Horvath
1979-1980 (approx) band called Bad Boys; "50% Van Halen tunes"
1979-1980 (approx) band called The Runaways; another band Johnny is reported to have played in

1980 fall Johnny joins The Kids as lead guitarist
1980 10 31  The Kids play a Halloween show at the Agora in Hallandale.  It is unclear whether or not Johnny had joined the band by this time 
1980 11 14 The Kids reportedly open for Pat Benatar in FL after Johnny joins; likely to be Benatar's show at Sunrise Musical Theatre on this date
1980 12 15 The Kids play at a memorial for John Lennon at Bayfront Park in Miami 
1981 01 12  The Romantics play at The Agora in Hallandale FL.  The Kids are thought to open
1981 05 04 U2 plays at The Agora in Hallandale FL. The Kids possibly open
1981 05 22 Johnny recalls The Kids once opening for Chuck Berry in Atlanta GA; likely this show at the Agora in Atlanta
1981 07 xx The Kids play with Freewheel at the Agora Ballroom
1981 07 xx (approx) The Kids play a Humane Society Benefit at The Agora.
1981 07 26
The Ramones play at the Agora in Hallandale; The Kids possibly open
1981 08 10 The Kids share a bill with The Pretenders at the Sunrise Musical Theatre
1981 08 13 (through 08 15) The Kids play at the Agora Ballroom
1981 08 16 The Kids open for the Psychedelic Furs 
1981 08 17 (through 08 22) The Kids play at the Candy Store
1981 08 31 The Kids play at a "Battle Of The Bands" at the Agora
1981 09 05 The Kids play at The Tree House
1981 09 10 (through 09 12) The Kids play at the Agora Ballroom 
1981 09 18 The Kids play at the Agora Ballroom; Sea Rock shares the bill 
1981 09 20 Benefit for The Scarlet Bugle at the Agora Ballroom.  The Kids might have been one of the "Top Local Bands" that performed
1981 09 21 The Kids play at the Agora Ballroom 
1981 09 22  (through 09 26) The Kids play at the Tree House 
1981 09 xx WSHE show features The Kids 
1981 10 xx The Kids play at the Agora Ballroom 
1981 10 12 (through 10 24) The Kids play at the Candy Store 
1981 10 17 K-102 Homegrown Rock Festival features The Kids; The Kids take 2nd place in a Battle of the Bands
1981 11 07 The Kids open for Iggy Pop at the Main Street Club in Gainesville FL
1981 11 08 The Kids play a benefit for the Scarlet Bugle magazine at the Agora Ballroom; The Front shares the bill 
1981 12 08 The Kids reportedly open for Badfinger at the Agora Ballroom
1982 02 03  The Kids reportedly open for Joan Jett at Pinellas Park, FL 
1982 04 03 The Kids play at the Agora in Hallandale
1982 spring The Kids reportedly play at Trinity College in San Antonio TX, possibly after a show in Houston 
1982 05 14
The B-52's play at The Agora in Hallandale; The Kids possibly open
1982 summer  The Kids open for Modern English at around this time 
1982 08 xx The Kids cut 5 studio demos
1982 09 21
Talking Heads play Sunrise Musical Theatre in Sunrise FL; possible show in which The Kids open for them
1982 12 08
The Kids open for R.E.M. at The Agora in Hallandale

1983 02 13 The Kids play at Gusman Hall, University of Miami, FL.  Z-Cars share the bill
1983 04 12 The Kids play at the Agora in Ft. Lauderdale
1983 06 16
A Flock Of Seagulls play at the Surise Musical Theatre; The Kids possibly opened
1983 06 23 U2 plays at the Sunrise Musical Theatre; The Kids possibly opened
1983 06 24  The Ramones play at the Button South in Hallandale.  The Kids possibly opened 
1983 fall The Kids play a Farewell Show in Ft. Lauderdale 
1983 12 01 Moves to LA with The Kids, at some point changing their name to Six Gun Method
1984 03 03 Six Gun Method plays at the Blue Lagune Saloon in Marina del Rey, CA 
1984 03 06  Six Gun Method plays at the Sasch Club in Studio City, CA 
1984 03 17 (and 03 18) Billy Idol plays at the Hollywood Palladium.  Johnny recalls Six Gun Method opening for him; these shows are likely candidates
1984 03 19 another Billy Idol show with Six Gun Method potentially opening, at the Long Beach Arena 
1984 spring Johnny recalls Six Gun Method opening for the BusBoys and The Romantics in LA
1984 07 xx Six Gun Method/The Kids break up; Johnny films his first movie: A Nightmare On Elm Street
1985 05 04 The Kids (with Jimmy Gambone replacing Joey Malone) play a reunion show at the Button South in Hallandale, FL, one day after Private Resort release
1985 07 19 the film Legend Of Billie Jean is released; contains song Time To Explain by The Kids
1986 spring Johnny joins Rock City Angels after filming Platoon; plays rhythm guitar
1986 xx xx Rock City Angels song, Mary, Created: 1986. Johnny is a co-composer (US Copyright records)
1986 10 18 Rock City Angels play at the Scream Club in LA.  This may have been their first LA show, and probably included Johnny.  Other RCA gigs known to include Johnny's participation in '86-'87(before and after 21 Jump Street begins production) include 3 to 4 shows at the Lingerie Club, the Teaszer, and a festival in Oxnard
1986 11 01
Rock City Angels play at the Scream Club in LA
1986 11 27 (approx) Rock City Angels perform at a street fair for the homeless on or around Thanksgiving
1986 12 xx 21 Jump Street begins shooting in Vancouver (Johnny is not an original cast member and may not have begun filming this early)
1986 12 04 Rock City Angels play at the Club Lingerie in Hollywood
1986 12 20 Rock City Angels play at Gazzarri's in West Hollywood 
1986 12 31 Rock City Angels play a New Year's Eve gig at the Scream Club in LA
1987 02 14 Rock City Angels, with Johnny, open for Jane's Addiction at the Scream Club in LA 
1987 02 17  Rock City Angels play at the Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood 
1987 02 18  Rock City Angels play at the Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood  
1987 05 23 Johnny plays with The Big Bang at the Button South in Hallandale FL, about a month after 21 Jump Street begins airing
1987 07 03 Rock City Angels, with Johnny, play at the White Trash au Go-Go in LA, possibly on a bill with Junkyard
1987 10 16 song, Mary US Copyright registered
Author on Application: Durebel Music, Inc., employer for hire of Michael William Barnett p.k.a. Mike Angel (music), John Depp (music), Donald Louis Griffith p.k.a. Bobby Durango (words & music)
1988 05 22 Johnny plays guitar on See You In September at end of second season of 21 Jump Street
1988 xx xx Rock City Angels: Young Man's Blues, containing Mary, is originally released
1989 02 14 (approx) Johnny plays Vancouver Variety Club Telethon (Show of Hearts) with Debbie Harry, Richard Grieco, Sal Jenco, and Jim Ryan, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver
1989 04 xx (through June) Cry-Baby is filmed; Johnny lip synchs and dances
1991 08 04 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers' Into The Great Wide Open music video is filmed this week; Johnny plays "Eddie Rebel"
1991 08 25 Into The Great Wide Open music video is released
1992 02 xx Johnny plays guitar live with a Belgrade band called The Partibrejkers (aka The Partybreakers), while attending the Belgrade Int'l Film Fest to promote Arizona Dream.  Emir Kusturica and Jim Jarmusch also reported to play. 
1992 08 xx The Lemonheads' It's A Shame About Ray music video is released; features Johnny
1992 10 xx (through March 1993) P is formed while What's Eating Gilbert Grape is filming near Austin TX; Johnny plays bass and guitar
1993 03 17 P plays at the Austin Music Awards at Palmer Auditorium in Austin TX (SXSW)
1993 xx xx "Stuff" shortform video about Red Hot Chili Pepper John Frusciante is directed and coproduced w/ D.P. Depp
1993 08 14 Johnny opens The Viper Room with Chuck E. Weiss
1993 10 31 River Phoenix dies in the early morning outside Viper Room. Johnny performs with P this night (the night of 10 30). Club is closed for 2 weeks
1993 12 03 Johnny introduces Johnny Cash at the Viper Room; two live songs from this night appear on Cash's CD, American Recordings
1993 xx xx P plays at the Viper Room around this time
1994 03 21 66th Academy Awards, Johnny introduces Neil Young, who is nominated for Philadelphia 
1994 08 09 Shane MacGowan's That Woman's Got Me Drinking music video is filmed at the Dan Lynch bar; Johnny stars in and directs the video
1994 09 27 New Musical Express photoshoot with Shane MacGowan
1994 09 28 performs That Woman's Got Me Drinking with Shane MacGowan on Top Of The Pops
1994 10 03 That Woman's Got Me Drinking single is released
1994 10 17 The Snake is released by Shane MacGowan; Johnny is Special Teen Idol: guitar, weird noises, performs on That Woman's Got Me Drinking (confirmed by Pogues website) and perhaps additional songs
1994 11 xx Johnny is rumored to play bass with Shane and the Popes at some UK shows
1995 01 16 (approx) Johnny reportedly throws Kate Moss a private party at the Viper Room for her 21st birthday, during which P performs.  Johnny reportedly performs Gloria with Michael Hutchence
1995 08 01 9 P songs copyrighted with US Copyright records
Claimant: Blame Music, Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes & Sal Jenco
Author on Application: words & music: Bill Carter, Johnny Depp, Gibby Haynes & Sal Jenco
1995 09 04 records Fade Away with Oasis for Help project
1995 09 09 release of Help: A Charity Project for the Children of Bosnia (Warchild charities)
1995 11 04 premiere of Nuclear Free Pacific music video at the Industria (may be 11 11)
1995 11 21 P CD is released on Capitol Records
1996 02 xx (through June)  While Johnny is filming Donnie Brasco in Ft. Lauderdale FL, The Kids play a show at the Rockandy club
1996 06 04 Mustique, Caribbean w/ Kate Moss and Noel Gallagher.  Johnny plays slide guitar for Fade In-Out
1996 10 15 The Warehouse, Toronto Ontario, rumored to play a show with the Butthole Surfers
1996 12 12 Hunter S. Thompson tribute, Louisville KY, Johnny plays slide guitar on My Old Kentucky Home
1997 08 21 Oasis' Be Here Now CD is released, contains Fade In-Out with Johnny on slide guitar
1997 12 11 press with P, Vienna Austria (date may be 12 12)
1997 12 12 P plays in Vienna at Sofiensle- a swanky 1800's ballroom
1997 12 15 another P gig in Vienna at club U4
1998 02 xx Oasis' Japanese CD single, Don't Go Away, is released, contains Fade Away (Warchild version)
1998 05 21 Where It's At: The Rolling Stone State Of The Union special airs on ABC.  Johnny participates, commenting on fame, violence and music
1999 02 02 Chuck E. Weiss Extremely Cool album is released- Johnny is an executive producer
1999 03 25 Chuck E. Weiss Extremely Cool album with 2 bonus tracks is released in Japan
1999 09 09 MTV Music Awards, introduces Nine Inch Nails 
1999 11 30
Iggy Pop's CD Single, Corruption is released; contains the song Hollywood Affair, on which Johnny writes the music and plays guitar
1999 12 07 Iggy Pop's Japanese version of Avenue B is released; includes Hollywood Affair
1999 12 12 Paris Canal Broadcast with Iggy Pop, Vanessa Paradis, Chrissie Hynde; show aired on TV at a later date
2000 06 xx (through July) Johnny films Chocolat; plays guitar in the movie
2000 10 17 Bliss album is released by Vanessa Paradis.  Johnny co-writes music to Bliss and St. Germain and plays guitar on Firmaman
2000 10 xx (approx) Johnny is reported to play guitar with a band called Egypt at the Flamingo Cantina in Austin, TX
2001 01 09 Chocolat soundtrack is released; contains 2 of 3 songs Johnny is credited with in the movie: Caravan and Minor Swing
2001 xx xx directs Pourtant and Que fait la vie music videos for Vanessa Paradis
2001 03 25 appears at Vanessa Paradis' show at the Olympia, Paris.  Performs on Fais Pas Ci Fais Pa Ca
2001 03 27 Hollywood Goes Wild! Benefit CD released; features Johnny and Iggy Pop on Hollywood Affair (same track as Japanese Avenue B release)
2001 10 20 performs with Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Mike Campbell and others for Petty's birthday party 
2002 01 28 BBC Radio 1 Music Awards, Johnny presents an award to Taraf de Haidouks
2002 10 17 Attends Bob Dylan concert at the Wiltern Theatre; meets Warren Zevon backstage and volunteers to play "very bad  guitar" on "any session, any time" for Zevon's final album, The Wind
2002 xx xx The Kids reportedly get together in LA
2003 06 21 Damian Dovarganes photoshoot; Johnny signs a POTC guitar for a contest
2003 xx xx Sands Theme is composed and produced (and performed with Tonto's Giant Nuts) for the Once Upon A Time In Mexico soundtrack sometime between 2001 and 2003. (Co-credit is given to Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin and Ruth Ellsworth)
2003 09 09 Once Upon A Time In Mexico soundtrack is released, containing Sands Theme
2004 xx xx Spring- Shane MacGowan discusses having Johnny perform with him on an upcoming, still unreleased solo album
2005 03 08 The World Cinema Album is released; contains Minor Swing from Chocolat
2005 08 20 Hunter S. Thompson's cannon blast in Aspen, CO. Johnny is reported to perform
2005 11 15 Rock City Angels: Young Man's Blues is re-released on Gott Records
2006 05 01 Gypsy Caravan, AKA When The Road Bends: Tales Of A Gypsy Caravan documentary screens at Tribeca Film Festival; Johnny is featured in the film, discussing Taraf de Haidouks.  Released theatrically in 2007 and on DVD on Aug 26 '08
2006 08 22 Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys CD set is released on Anti- label; Johnny is an executive producer
2006 11 09 premiere of Johnny Cash's video of God's Gonna Cut You Down; Johnny participates 
2006 12 xx Johnny and other Sweeney Todd castmates begin rehearsing and recording tracks for the film
2007 01 20 The Future Is Unwritten film about Joe Strummer premieres at Sundance Film Festival; screens during 2007 and is released theatrically in the US in November.  Released on DVD in Region 2 in Sept. '07 and in Region 1 in July '08. Johnny is a contributor 
2007 01 21 Do It For Johnny documentary screens at the Bug Theatre in Denver CO; features content about Johnny's musical history. Official premiere is on Jan. 28th at the 22nd Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival; additional screenings in '07
2007 01 28 The Kids reunite to perform at the Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion Concert at Club Cinema, Pompano Beach FL 
2007 02 05 (through 05 11) Sweeney Todd films at Pinewood Studios
2007 05 06 Do It For Johnny wins Best Documentary at the Rainier International Film Festival
2007 05 08 P CD is reissued on Caroline Records
2007 09 05 Sweeney Todd clip featuring Johnny singing My Friends is previewed at the Venice Film Festival as part of Tim Burton Day
2007 10 04 first Sweeney Todd trailer is released; first public preview of Johnny's singing!
2007 10 14 Peter Bogdanovich-directed Tom Petty Documentary, Runnin' Down A Dream, screens at the New York Film Festival. Film shows in select theaters on 10 15 and later on Sundance Channel, and DVD/CD package is released 10 16.  Johnny is a contributor
2007 12 03 Sweeney Todd premieres at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC; additional private/advance screenings occur before and after this day 
2007 12 05 Sweeney Todd named one of the Top Ten films by the National Board of Review; Tim Burton wins Best Director for the film 
2007 12 18 Sweeney Todd soundtrack is released; Johnny sings on CD!
2007 12 21 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street  US release
2008 xx xx Sweeney Todd:  various international premieres and release dates
2008 01 13 Johnny wins the Golden Globe for his performance in Sweeney Todd.  The film also wins Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical 
2008 01 22
Johnnny receives an Oscar nomination for his performance in Sweeney Todd
2008 03 26
Release of Vanessa Paradis' video, L'incendie.  Johnny directs the video
2008 04 01
Sweeney Todd  is released on Region 1 DVD
2008 04 12
World Premiere of Rock And A Hard Place: Another Night At The Agora at the Palm Beach International Film Festival; also screens on 04 17.  The film chronicles the South Florida music scene of the 70's and 80's, and the Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion Concert that took place on Jan. 28, 2007.  Film also screens from 10 29-10 31 in conjunction with the Ft. Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival
2008 08 22 Johnny and the other members of The Kids participate in a radio interview on The Big 105.9 FM to promote the Second Annual Sheila Witkin Memorial Concerts in Pompano Beach, FL and the Rock And A Hard Place screenings in Ft. Lauderdale
2008 08 29 (and 08 30) Second Annual Sheila Witkin Memorial Concerts in Pompano Beach, FL (in conjunction with Rock And A Hard Place screenings and the Ft. Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival)
2008 11 18 Gonzo: The Life And Work Of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson - Music From The Film CD is released.  Johnny provides spoken voice, is co-writer of the album notes and co-producer (with Douglas Brinkley)
2008 12 03 Sweeney Todd soundtrack receives a Grammy nomination 
2009 03 02 Glenn Tilbrook's Pandemonium Ensues CD released in UK; Johnny performs on Too Close To The Sun 
2009 03 17 (approx, through 05 20) Johnny provides a permanent narration for the Doors documentary, When You're Strange
2009 04 07 Glenn Tilbrook's Pandemonium Ensues CD released in US
2009 06 21 When You're Strange screens for the first time with Johnny's narration, at the LA Film Festival.  Also screens on June 24.  The film has additional screenings at various international film festivals from Sept. through Nov.
2009 09 21 (and 09 22) Johnny directs a Babybird video, Unloveable, over a 2 day period in Hertfordshire, UK
2009 10 15 Release of Vanessa Paradis' video, Il y a.  Johnny directs the video
2009 10 17 Johnny presents a Rock Immortal Scream Award to Keith Richards (broadcast 10 27)
2009 11 23 Vanessa Paradis' Best Of album released; Johnny is co-writer of the song St. Germain, originally released on the album, Bliss
2009 12 03 Johnny and Douglas Brinkley receive a Grammy nomination for Best Album Notes for the Gonzo: The Life And Work Of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson — Music From The Film CD

2010 01 30 Johnny, Keith Richards, Patti Smith and others are at the Los Angeles Theatre, on the set of a Richards documentary.  Johnny directs
2010 02 15 Babybird's Ex-Maniac album is released in US via iTunes download (official release March 1); Johnny plays guitar on the lead single, Unloveable (official single release February 22)
2010 03 07 Digital release of the Shane MacGowan & Friends Haitian relief charity single, I Put A Spell On You. Johnny plays guitar.  (Video premiere was introduced by Shane February 24, 2010 at the NME Awards)
2010 03 08 Babybird's Unloveable video release; Johnny directs the video 
2010 04 06 When You're Strange: Music from the Motion Picture is released.  Johnny contributes readings of Jim Morrison's poetry
2010 04 09 When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors US theatrical release 
2010 06 29  When You're Strange DVD is released
2010 08 28 Johnny performs with Eddie Vedder, Patti Smith, Bill Carter and others at the Voices For Justic concert in Little Rock, AR, in support of the West Memphis Three
2010 11 16  Release of Keith Richards' audiobook version of his autobiography, Life. Johnny provides a narration. 
2011 04 26 Release of Tels Alain Bashung; Johnny provides instrumental backup to Vanessa Paradis' contribution, Angora 
2011 05 25 The Keith Richards Life audiobook wins 2 Audie Awards: for Audio Book of the Year and Biography/Memoir 
2011 05 27 Infinitum Nihil Records, LLC filed as a domestic corporation 
2011 06 26 Johnny performs with Alice Cooper at the 100 Club in London 
2011 08 22 Release of Alice Cooper video, I'll Bite Your Face Off; Johnny's 100 Club appearance featured
2011 09 28 Infinitum Nihil Music LLC filed as a domestic corporation
2011 10 17 Johnny attends Chuck E. Weiss show at the Shattuck Down Low in Berkeley, unconfirmed reports that he played 
2011 10 19 Digital release of The Rum Diary soundtrack (CD release on December 20); Johnny contributes 
2011 10 22 Johnny joins Bill Carter & The Blame on stage at the Continental Club in Austin TX.  Billy Gibbons also appears
2011 10 25  Johnny and Keith Richards take the stage at the Hiro Ballroom for a Rum Diary NY Premiere Afterparty 
2011 10 31 Babybird's The Pleasures of Self Destruction released; Johnny performs on The Jesus Stag Night Club 
2011 11 14 Lulu Gainsbourg's From Gainsbourg To Lulu released; Johnny performs on Ballade de Melody Nelson and Sous Le Soleil Exactement
2012 03 06 Digital release of More Music From The Rum Diary (CD release on March 27); Johnny is an executive producer
2012 03 17 Jams with Bill Carter, Mumford & Sons, Cindy Cashdollar and others at afterparty at the Continental Club in Austin 
2012 03 29 Johnny plays with Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin, Joey Malone and Mike Thompson at The Mint in LA 
2012 03 30 Johnny plays with Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin, Joey Malone and Mike Thompson at The El Rey Theatre in LA 
2012 04 11 Johnny plays with Marilyn Manson at the Club Nokia for the Revolver Golden Gods Awards
2012 04 13 Premiere of Paul McCartney video, My Valentine; Johnny participates
2012 04 14 Private jam session with Steven Tyler, Marilyn Manson, Joe Perry, Bruce and V Witkin, Joey Malone, Bill Carter, and Rob Klonel 
2012 05 01  Release of Marilyn Manson album, Born Villain; Johnny performs on You're So Vain 
2012 05 07 Performs with Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry at the Dark Shadows Premiere afterparty
2012 05 08 Release of Dark Shadows soundtrack, Johnny contributes
2012 05 25  Johnny plays with Bill Carter, Joey Malone, Bruce Witkin and Mike Thompson at The Mint in LA 
2012 06 03  Johnny plays with The Black Keys and accepts the MTV Generation Award at the MTV Movie Awards 
2012 06 05  Release of Patti Smith album, Banga; Johnny performs on the title track, and is the inspiration for the song, Nine  
2012 07 26  Arts In Context: Bill Carter And The Blame special airs on KLRU; Johnny is a participant 
2012 08 06  Performs with Aerosmith at the Hollywood Bowl in LA 
2012 08 25  Performs at The Lone Ranger NM wrap party in Angel Fire with Gore Verbinski, Bruce Witkin, Joey Malone and others 
2012 09 18 Release of Collective Bargaining by Jup & Rob Jackson; Johnny contributes spoken word to the track Street Runners
2012 10 12 Performs with Patti Smith at the Wiltern Theatre in LA; Flea also appears
2012 11 06 Release of Aerosmith's Music From Another Dimension!; Johnny contributes backing vocals to Freedom Fighter
2012 11 13 Release of Paul McCartney's Live Kisses DVD; Johnny is featured in the My Valentine videos and Making My Valentine 
2012 11 14 Performs at Petty Fest West Night 1 at the El Rey Theatre in LA 
2012 11 15 Performs at Petty Fest West Night 2 at the El Rey Theatre in LA 
2012 11 25 Video tribute to Rolling Stones on their 50th Anniversary, O2 Arena, London 
2012 11 29 Performs with Alice Cooper at the Orpheum Theatre in LA
2012 12 03 Performs with Aerosmith at the Staples Center in LA
2012 12 07 Performs with Bill Carter at The Mint in LA 
2012 12 08 Performs at Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding benefit at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, AZ 
2013 01 15 Release of West Of Memphis: Voices for Justice soundtrack, Johnny contributes
2013 01 15 Release of Bill Carter album Unknown; Johnny contributes
2013 01 15  (and 01 16) In studio with Alice Cooper 
2013 01 22 Sirius/XM E Street Radio debut of Bill Carter's State Trooper; Johnny contributes 
2013 02 05 Release of Woody Guthrie’s House of Earth, Johnny is editor with Douglas Brinkley and publisher
2013 02 10 Presenter at 55th Grammy Awards in LA; also attends MusiCares Person Of The Year honoring Bruce Springsteen on Feb 8 and Pre-Grammy gala on Feb 9 
2013 02 19 Release of Son Of Rogues Gallery; Johnny a performer and producer 
2013 02 21 Guest and musical performer with Bill Carter on Late Show with David Letterman
2013 02 26 Carnation, WA for Lucky Them film (also 2/25?)
2013 03 23 Reported film/music session with Keith Richards et al. 
2013 04 26 Johnny in talks to join the cast of Into The Woods 
2013 04 30 Release of Steve Hunter’s album The Manhattan Blues Project; Johnny contributes guitar
2013 05 13  Release of Vanessa Paradis' album Love Songs; Johnny co-writes the song New Year
2013 05 28 Release of The Hookah Lounge, Vol. 1.  Street Runners (with Kae State, Jup, and Rob Jackson) is included
2013 07 02 Release of The Lone Ranger: Wanted; Johnny is an arranger, producer, and musician
2013 08 12 (and 08 14) LA recording studio (Unison?) with Alice Cooper and others
2013 08 16 Sunset Strip The Movie premieres on Showtime
2013 09 06 Lucky Them World Premiere at TIFF; Johnny has cameo (as a musician?) 
2013 09 09 Louise Goffin’s Watching The Sky Turn Blue single released 
2013 09 09 For No Good Reason North American Premiere at TIFF
2013 09 30 London, Abbey Road Studios for Paul McCartney's Queenie Eye video (photos)
2013 10 11 reportedly at Shepperton Studios filming Into The Woods
2013 10 24 release of Paul McCartney's Queenie Eye video; Johnny is featured

2014 01 15 Duesenberg announces Johnny Depp Signature Guitar in its Guitar Artist Series; introduced at NAMM Show 01 23
2014 01 22 (and 01 23) rehearses with Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Steven Tyler, Joey Malone, and others 
2014 01 25 plays at Imperial Ball 8 at Servite High School Theatre, Anaheim CA
2014 01 27 presenter at The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute To The Beatles (televised on 02 09)
2014 03 05 filming of Paul McCartney’s Early Days video 
2014 03 09 performs with Willie Nelson at the Rodeo in Austin TX 
2014 03 31 performs with David Tao at the 798 Art Zone in Beijing, China 
2014 04 07  performs with Chuck E. Weiss on Jimmy Kimmel Live 
2014 04 15 Release of Chuck E. Weiss' album Red Beans And Weiss; Johnny is executive producer and musician
2014 05 14  Boston Blackie video released; Johnny is featured 
2014 05 25 Louise Goffin’s Songs From The Mine digital release for PledgeMusic supporters 
2014 05 30 Lucky Them theatrical and digital release date; Johnny plays a former musician
2014 06 17 performs with Willie Nelson at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston MA
2014 07 01  Ryan Adams 7” Gimme Something Good/Aching For More single released; Johnny plays on Aching 
2014 07 07  release of Paul McCartney's Early Days video; Johnny is featured 
2014 07 15 Louise Goffin’s Songs From The Mine official release 
2014 07 15 Pink Grenade’s Gold Blooded video release; Johnny provides spoken word 
2014 07 16 performs with Aerosmith at the Comcast Center in Mansfield MA 
2014 07 30 first still of Johnny as The Wolf in Into The Woods 
2014 07 30 performs with Aerosmith at The Forum in Inglewood CA
2014 07 31 first teaser trailer for Into The Woods
2014 08 29 (approx) with Butch Walker and others at Ryan Adams’ PaxAm Studios 
2014 09 09 Ryan Adams' self-titled album released; Johnny is musician 
2014 09 18 (and 09 19) performs with Ryan Adams at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London 
2014 09 30 Lucky Them DVD release 
2014 10 22  first full images of Johnny as The Wolf in Into The Woods
2014 10 27 release of Paul McCartney’s New Collector’s Edition, features videos with Johnny 
2014 10 31 performs with Marilyn Manson at The Roxy in W. Hollywood
2014 11 10  Butch Walker's song 21+ streamed on Rolling Stone; Johnny plays guitar 
2014 11 11 Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes release date; Johnny performs on Kansas City
2014 11 13 performs with The New Basement Tapes at a private show at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood 
2014 11 21 Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued documentary release date 
2014 12 02 Joe Perry's Merry Christmas EP release; Johnny is musician 
2014 12 15  Into The Woods soundtrack release 
2014 12 25 Into The Woods release date
2015 01 13  Ryan Adams' No Shadow 7" single released; Johnny is musician and songwriter
2015 01 24 plays at NAMM Imperial Ball in Anaheim CA 
2015 02 03 Butch Walker’s Afraid Of Ghosts album release date; Johnny is musician 
2015 02 17 release of Bob Gruen's See Hear Yoko from Infinitum Nihil 
2015 02 27 performs with Marilyn Manson at The Tivoli in Brisbane, Australia 
2015 03 24  Into The Woods DVD/Blu-Ray release 
2015 07 07
Muscle Shoals TV series project announced
2015 08 16
performs at Music On A Mission, Lucky Strike Live, Hollywood
2015 09 09
Hollywood Vampires rehearsals
2015 09 11  Hollywood Vampires album release; also Hollywood Vampires rehearsal and Periscope interview
2015 09 16
(and 09 17) Hollywood Vampires perform at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood
2015 09 23
Hollywood Vampires rehearsal/soundcheck in Rio
2015 09 24 Hollywood Vampires perform at Rock In Rio
2015 11 10
Hollywood Vampires partner with Epic Rights and Global Merchandising Services
2016 01 12
performs with Marilyn Manson at Amoeba Music (Stella McCartney Fall Show)
2016 01 23
plays at NAMM Imperial Ball in Anaheim CA
2016 02 12
release of digital Deluxe Edition of Hollywood Vampires
2016 02 15
Hollywood Vampires perform at the Grammy Awards (rehearsals on 02 11 and 02 13)
2016 04 24
performs with Ryan Adams at Adams at a Garry Shandling memorial at Wilshire Ebell Theatre in LA
2016 05 17
(throughout week) Hollywood Vampires tour rehearsals
2016 05 24
Hollywood Vampires perform at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, NY
2016 05 27
Hollywood Vampires perform at Rock In Rio in Lisbon, Portugal
2016 05 29
Hollywood Vampires perform at Hessentags-Arena in Herborn, Germany
2016 05 30
Hollywood Vampires perform at Gronalund in Stockholm, Sweden
2016 06 01
Hollywood Vampires perform at Faengslet in Horsens, Denmark
2016 06 06
Hollywood Vampires perform at Romexpo in Bucharest, Romania
2016 06 27
Johnny, Matt Sorum, Bruce Witkin and Robert DeLeo are interviewed by Steve Jones on Jonesy's Jukebox, KLOS radio
2016 07 01
Hollywood Vampires perform at Sands Bethlehem Event Center, Bethlehem, PA
2016 07 02
Hollywood Vampires perform at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, CT
2016 07 03
Hollywood Vampires perform at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ
2016 07 05
Hollywood Vampires perform at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI
2016 07 07
Hollywood Vampires perform at Riveredge Park in Aurora, IL
2016 07 08
Hollywood Vampires perform at Casino Rama in Rama, Ontario
2016 07 09
Hollywood Vampires perform at Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino, Niagara Falls, NY
2016 07 10
Hollywood Vampires perform at Coney Island Amphitheater in Brooklyn, NY (Joe Perry collapses during the show and is hospitalized)
2016 07 11
Hollywood Vampires cancel a scheduled appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
2016 07 12
Hollywood Vampires perform at Fraze Pavilion in Kettering, OH
2016 07 13
Hollywood Vampires perform at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant, MI
2016 07 14
Hollywood Vampires perform at Rock Fest in Cadott, WI
2016 07 16
Hollywood Vampires perform at DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI
2016 07 17
Hollywood Vampires perform at Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala, RiverCentre, St. Paul, MN
2016 07 18
Hollywood Vampires perform at Scheels Arena, Fargo, ND
2016 07 22
Hollywood Vampires perform at Weill Hall, Rohnert Park, CA
2016 07 23  Hollywood Vampires perform at Britt Festival in Jacksonville, OR
2016 07 24
Hollywood Vampires perform at The Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA
2016 07 25  Hollywood Vampires perform at California Mid State Fair in Paso Robles, CA
2016 10 23
performs with Harry Dean Stanton, Kris Kristofferson, John Densmore, and others at Vidiots Harry Dean Stanton Awards, LA
2016 10 30
performs with Alice Cooper at Pantages Theatre in LA
2016 10 31
performs with Alice Cooper on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Johnny's participation does not air on the show)
2016 11 03
autographs Duesenberg Johnny Depp Alliance Series guitar for Rhonda's Kiss
2016 11 11
performs at Classic Rock Awards in Tokyo, Japan
2016 12 03
Hollywood Vampires perform at Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding show, Phoenix, AZ
2017 01 20
rehearsals for the Imperial Ball
2017 01 21
“Elected” Duesenberg Imperial Ball, Anaheim CA
2017 02 19
Classic Rock Awards special airs on AXS TV
2017 04 04
performs with Patti Smith at the Teragram Ballroom in LA
2017 05 29
participation in Asahi Japanese beer commercial revealed
2017 06 23
performs with Kris Kristofferson at Glastonbury Festival
2017? xx xx release of Douglas Brinkley's The Unraveled Tales of Bob Dylan from Infinitum Nihil