Taraf de Haidouks

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     Taraf de
Haïdouks is a band of Gypsy musicians from Clejani, Romania that formed in 1989.  Their name means literally "Band of Gypsies" or "Band of Outlaws."  In Romania they are also known as Taraful Haiducilor.  They have ranged in number from about a dozen to over thirty.  They have issued a number of commercially-released CDs, most recently Maskarada in 2007.
     In 1999, Johnny Depp met Taraf de
Haïdouks when they portrayed the family of his character Cesar in the Sally Potter film, The Man Who Cried.  Johnny immediately became a huge fan of their music.  He has supported them through the years, including appearing in the documentary portion of a 2002 film called Live At Union Chapel that was included in the 2006 CD/DVD combination album, The Continuing Adventures of Taraf de Haïdouks, and later in the 2006 film about five Gypsy bands on a North American tour: Gypsy Caravan (aka When The Road Bends).  In them, he speaks of how incredible their music is and how it astounds even professional musicians to whom he has introduced their music.  The documentaries themselves serve as wonderful illustrations of the spirit and compassion this group and other Gypsy musicians bring to their art.  Please see the Documentaries page for more information about these documentaries.
     Johnny was also presented them with a BBC Radio 3 World Music Award for European and Middle East music in 2002.  Also in 2002, he spoke of them in a segment of Inside The Actor's Studio, telling about the lesson he has learned from them to live every moment and to treat each breath as a gift.  Their amazing music and their appreciation for life certainly serves as an inspiration!

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In The Man Who Cried

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with Johnny Depp, Paris 1999

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BBC Music Awards, January 28, 2002

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Press kit for When The Road Bends (released theatrically as Gypsy Caravan)

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Letter from Johnny in liner notes of the Gypsy Caravan soundtrack

caravan letter

Partial Discography
1991 Musiques de tsiganes de Roumanie
1994 Honourable Brigands, Magic Horses And Evil Eye
1994 Gypsy Music from Romania
1998 Dumbala Dumba
2001 Band of Gypsies
2001 The Man Who Cried Soundtrack (contributors)
2006 The Continuing Adventures Of Taraf de Haïdouks (DVD and CD)
2007 Gypsy Caravan: Music In And Inspired By The Film (contributors)
2007 Maskarada
2012 Band of Gypsies 2 (with Kocani Orkestar)

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