P: Dancing Queen?
(Translation by carezza)

P: Dancing Queen?

On December 12th, 1997 an, at first sight, memorable event should take place in Vienna: Hollywood-rebel Johnny Depp and his band P honoured the capital with their presence on the occasion of the presentation of an Austrian fashion company. But it soon became clear, that the whole matter was a little bit over the top.

Location 1: 10:10: underground station Karlsplatz, exit Vienna Hauptstraße

Two street musicians delight passers-by with gypsy tunes. A tiny man with a long coat, shades and a slice of pizza, who only at a closer look can be identified as Johnny Depp is joining them. After a donation of 100,-- he leaves for the hotel. A human being after all.

Location 2: 10:30: Hotel Triest

The press conference starts with a photoshoot, which is quite amusing for those not involved. Within 3 minutes 20 photographers are trying to take the best photo of Johnny Depp rolling cigarettes, climbing all over one another. Afterwards the band concedes us the favour to ask them some questions.

We want to now whether there is a big difference between acting and music.

Johnny Depp: “There is a big difference! I had been a musician for a long time before I became an actor. Music is much more organic, much more for the moment. In acting there are so many people working together to achieve one thing and you know what will come out of it in the end. When you’re making music you don’t quite know that, especially with a band like P!”

Of course we also ask about the total flop of their record.

Johnny Depp: “At that time we had issued the instruction to the record company not to do any promotion with us.They were not allowed to sell it through our names, there were no photos, no videos and so on. We didn’t want to be sellers for some thing. And it was great because they released it at the same time as the Beatles Anthology. That was a genious stroke to bury it.

Aha, so that’s how it was.

Apart from that there were only some more or less funny uncouth remarks.

Location 3: 0:25: Sofiensäle

After a very professional fashion show presented by Estebe the time has come: P is entering the stage. Singer Gibby Haynes (who among other things is also working for the Butthole Surfers) is doing, what he’s always doing: behaving funny, and playing around with his fuzz-tone. Johnny Depp is playing a solid part as a rhythm guitarist, and also the other musicians don’t embarass themselves and the concert is actually quite entertaining. But quickly the noise of the loud grunge annoys the audience (mostly barely dressed young girls and older gentlemen in suit and tie). After 40 minutes Gibby Haynes is being taken off stage more or less forcibly, but not before he is able to set a chair on fire.

Thus the official part of P’s visit to Vienna. The inofficial one though had also much to offer. Two days later a much cheered gig at the U4 was to follow, a place where P fits a lot better than in the posh Sofiensäle. On the mixer none other than legendary producer Rick Rubin, who travels with the band, and so the concert is a lot more relaxed than their first appearance and also last a lot longer, 1 hour and a half.

What else was there? Gaggles of young girls at the Meet & Greet, a private guided tour at the Schönbrunn castle and a fire alarm at the hotel, allegedly caused by a strange cigarette...

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