P: Wild Night In Vienna

Original scans thanks to Silvia and Gesi:

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Translation thanks to carezza:

„Who the f**k is Conny?“, Kate Moss was so jealous of then-boyfriend Johnny Depp, who was spending 100 hours of good-time in Vienna. And “Conny from Vienna” was always there in first row. With the camera. Good thing for Johnny that this mysterious Conny was not a woman but U4-legend Conny de Beauclair: These are the memories of Vienna’s most famous bouncer of four fabulous days in December 1997. Looking back this was a historic event: Those were the last few days that Johnny was really having a blast before meeting Vanessa Paradis in 1998. After that he started a new and very quiet life as a family father.

Thursday, 12-12: For the absurd amount of 1.5 million [Austrian] shillings Tirolian design company ESTEBE hires Johnny Depp’s band P that usually only plays his own club “Viper Room” in LA for a night of clubbing at the Sophiensäle. But there everything goes just wrong: When he sees a poster saying “Johnny Depp live” he goes ballistic and wants to cancel the whole thing. Then due to technical problems the show is being delayed. Finally, late at night, Johnny bangs out hard-core grunge sounds to the clubbing-audience used to listening to House-music only. Filled with indignation hundreds of guests demand a reimbursement of the entrance-fee. Thereupon organizer Peter Konrad pulls the plug on the band without a warning. Consequence of this action: Rock’n’Roll off-stage. The buffet flies through the air, as well as bottles of beer and cola. And Johnny Depp is beside himself with rage: “Where’s the boss of all of this? I’m gonna kill him!” But then he decides he rather goes partying at the Hotel Triest – causing fire alert twice because of his cigarettes ...

Friday 12-13: Roman Polanski himself has invited Johnny to his musical “Dance of the Vampires”. But before that, he wants to visit Schönbrunn [castle] and [the famous bakery] Demel: eating Sacher cake there. All in all he and his band put away 18 pieces. I’m desperate to show him the U4, because we have the Classic-Rocknight on that night, and he would surely love that. But unfortunately the meeting with Polanski at the “Haas House” [a shopping-centre] is delayed. No time left for the U4. Pity.

Saturday 12 – 14: In the evening Johnny has a crazy idea: “So. Now, let’s go to the Sophiensäle once again and pull the plug on them.” I’m looking for excuses: “I can’t do that, I don’t know where the main switch is.” “Alright, then let’s go there and tell the people, that Johnny Depp is here. That will drive people away.” But that’s not a good idea, either. All of a sudden he says: “Conny, now we’ll drive to your place.” I’m nearly embarassed by this, because it’s usually quiet on Saturdays, but Johnny doesn’t give in. So, it’s the U4 then. He is enthused. At 3am his best friend, P-percussionist Sal Jenco, comes up to me and says: “Johnny wants to make an appearance here for you only tomorrow for free. There are two reasons for this: 1st, because you’ve taken such good care of us. And 2nd because the vibe at the U4 reminds him of his Viper Room.”

Sunday 12-15: 4.30 am. We come back to the hotel. The technicians and bassis Bill Gartner are already checking out. Johnny say:” No, you stay here. We’re going to play once more tonight. “ Then I’m calling all radio stations, so the club will be nice and crowded. And of course, they all show up, the photographers as well. And Johnny, who usually doesn’t allow photographs of his concerts, kindly says: “Let them film the whole thing and take photos.” At 1.30. am the show begins – and then power failure. Johnny is extremely embarassed. He asks for three beer crates to be brought up on stage and then distributes the beer among the audience. A wonderful night ensues. And I’m so proud that he played for me for free at the U4, while others had to pay 1.5 million for it.

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