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     Please note that the Johnny Depp Rocks! website gives the utmost respect for Lily-Rose and Jack Depp and their privacy.  
This page is devoted to the musical pursuits of Lily-Rose and Jack that have either been officially credited, or mentioned by Johnny, Vanessa Paradis, or another trusted friend or family member.  No tabloid mentions, paparazzi photos, or unsubstantiated rumors will be published.
     While Lily-Rose has now begun her acting career with roles in several films, this page will focus on just the music-related projects.

Johnny and Vanessa's children, Lily-Rose and Jack, have grown up surrounded by the music of both parents.  Even from an early age, they have also occasionally contributed to both parents' musical projects, whether it be vocals, instrumentals, or artwork.  In a 2014 interview with the Philippine Inquirer, Johnny said:

“My boy Jack has always been a very talented draftsman. He draws really super- well. He also plays music very well. He’s got a good feel for that. Aside from school plays and things, he hasn’t shown any desire to become an actor. Whew!
“My daughter, on the other hand, is one of the smartest human beings I have ever known. She has far surpassed myself and my friends. She is just a genius. Lily-Rose is interested in the arts. She is interested in acting, possibly entertaining and singing as well. She’s got the goods. She can certainly deliver. They are both great talents. I wish I could shy them away from it. But the kids are going to make the decisions. It’s what they want to do.”

     Time will tell what career paths both Lily-Rose and Jack will choose, but hopefully, whether or not they decide to work in the entertainment industry, music will always remain a part of their lives!

Lily-Rose Depp
2000     Vanessa Paradis: vocals, Firmaman, La Ballade de Lily Rose, and Bliss, on the album Bliss (uncredited)
2007     Vanessa Paradis: artwork, on the album Divinidylle
2013     Vanessa Paradis: songwriter, New Year, on the albums Love Songs and Love Songs Tour
2015     Rejjie Snow: actress, All Around The World, music video
2015     Yoga Hosers: actress, singer

1. Vanessa Paradis: Firmaman, La Ballade de Lily Rose, and Bliss
Vocals (uncredited)

Released on the album Bliss on October 17, 2000.  
     While still a baby, Lily-Rose voice was recorded and added to several songs released on Vanessa Paradis' album, Bliss.  She is heard to coo throughout most of the song Firmaman, says "Mama" after La Ballade de Lily Rose, and "Dada" just before the start of Bliss.  Her vocals are not officially credited, but Vanessa has spoken of the contribution.  She said in a French magazine interview in 2000:  "That is something totally selfish. In this "family LP", Johnny and I wanted to have our daughter's voice engraved on this record for the rest of our lives, to have a souvenir from all these happy moments we shared altogether. It's really a personal pleasure and not something we did to introduce her to the world."
     Vanessa wrote both Firmaman and Le Ballade de Lily Rose, while she and Johnny co-wrote Bliss.
 Firmaman, a French play on the words "heaven" and "mother" is an ode to Vanessa's unborn baby.  La Ballade de Lily Rose is obviously inspired by the song's namesake.  And Bliss is self-explanatory!  Johnny played lead guitar on Firmaman (see the Johnny Depp Rocks! Musician discography for more info). 

Bliss on Wikipedia


2. Vanessa Paradis: Divinidylle: Artwork
"Portrait intérieur: L-R"

Released on the album Divinidylle on September 3, 2007.  Johnny contributed the cover art for Vanessa's 2007 album, but Lily-Rose's portrait is featured inside the booklet.

divinidylleportrait   DI-liner   L-R art

3. Vanessa Paradis: New Year: Songwriter

Released on the album Love Songs on May 13, 2013.  
"Ruth Ellsworth Carter / Lily-Rose Depp - Johnny Depp - Vanessa Paradis"

Also released as a live version on the album and DVD/Bluray, Love Songs Tour, November 24, 2014.
"Lily Rose Depp (Compositeur)"

lovesongsfront   lovesongsback   newyearcred   new year   thanks

lovesongstour del   lovesongstour vinyl   love songs credit   new year amazon

Lily-Rose's contribution to the song has been described by both Vanessa and Johnny in various interviews.

Vanessa Paradis, from the French Elle magazine, 2013:  Asked about the New Year title co-written by her daughter Lily Rose, Vanessa Paradis says: "This is a song that Lily Rose found the melody and the first sentence when she was 6 years old. I found it sublime. We finished the song with family seven years later. " Asked if she considers Lily Rose to have a talent for music, Vanessa Paradis answers: "Yes, she has a natural gift for it."
Vanessa Paradis, from Les Les Inrockuptibles, 2013: "This song was composed very long ago, eight years ago. There was only the chords, I was looking for a melody that I could not find. My daughter, who was 6 years old at the time, began to hum something sublime. This melody has remained with the first sentence of the text, as it was sung at age 6. And the text was written a year ago." 
Johnny Depp, from British OK Magazine CinemaCon 2013 interview:  [Question]And are you collaborating with your ex Vanessa on the next album?[Johnny]On Vanessa's latest record? I don't think I played on anything. [Question] Wasn't it something with you and your daughter? [Johnny] Ah yes. There was a little song, some chords that I wrote and Lily-Rose came up with melody to that.
Vanessa Paradis, from German Grazia, via Yahoo News Singapore, 2013: “Johnny wrote the chorus [note- she probably said "chords", not "chorus"] and one day our daughter, who was younger at the time, just sang a melody on the track. We recorded the song and I still have that recording, because to me it was incredibly beautiful. Now I decided to turn it into a complete song. The record is eternal and even when we’re all gone one day, this special project between daughter, mother and Johnny will live on. It’s a beautiful thought and very precious to me.”
Vanessa Paradis, from Elle, 2014: "Well what happened was, Johnny [Depp] had written the chords of a song and I was looking for a melody. Our daughter was six years old, and Johnny kept playing the chords over and over, trying to find a tune. She heard the song so many times that she finally came up with the prettiest melody for the verses by herself. She made up her own words, too, for the first part. And when I heard it, I said, 'This is so pretty, can I use it?' So that’s how the song came together... Johnny and I never asked her to write a song, it’s just something that sort of happened on its own, and it happened when she was so little."
Vanessa Paradis, from The Independent, 2014: " took a long time. Johnny's chords were really so pretty. And I knew I wanted to make a song of it, but it took all those years. I even tried it on my last album (Divinidylle), but I couldn't find it. I needed Lily-Rose's melody."

4. Rejjie Snow: All Around The World music video: Actress
"New music video by Rejjie Snow starring Amir Legrone and Lily-Rose Depp"

Released on July 7, 2015.  Lily-Rose is prominently featured in this music video by the Irish rapper Rejjie Snow.

rejjie 1   rejjie 2   rejjie 4   rejjie 5

reggie 6   rejjie 7   rejjie 8   reggie 11

All Around The World on YouTube
Article at StyleIte announcing Lily-Rose's participation

5. PLACEHOLDER: Yoga Hosers
Musical participation to be determined

To be released in 2015. Lily-Rose stars as Colleen Collette in the upcoming film, Yoga Hosers.  An official still has been released showing Lily-Rose singing on a stage, while castmate Harley Quinn Smith plays the bass.  It remains to be determined whether Lily-Rose's own singing voice will actually be used, but at the very least, she is portraying a singer.  Director Kevin Smith hopes to debut the film at the Toronto International Film Festival in the fall of 2015.


Jack Depp
2007     Vanessa Paradis: vocals, Jackadi, on the album Divinidylle (uncredited)
2012     Marilyn Manson: musician, You're So Vain, on the album Born Villain (uncredited)
2012     Johnny Depp and Bill Carter: Musician tattoo artwork
2014     Chuck E. Weiss: backing vocals, Boston Blackie, on the album Red Beans And Weiss

1. Vanessa Paradis: Jackadi
Vocals (uncredited)

Released on the album Divinidylle on September 3, 2007.
     Jack Depp makes his recording debut on the song Jackadi, singing an intro of Popeye The Sailor Man before the song.  While he receives no formal credit on the album, Vanessa speaks about Jack's participation.  From a French interview (rough translation): [Q] "Is it you who hold to this as your son, Jack, come sing "Popeye" in a piece that you have written?" [A] "No, it's him who came. He sang many times. It is a time for us, even if everyone can hear it. It's like a picture. It is for 30 years."

divinidylleportrait   interview crop

2. Marilyn Manson: You're So Vain
Musician (uncredited)

Released on the album Born Villain on April 15, 2012, and also on the West Of Memphis Soundtrack on January 15, 2013.
     Again, Jack does not get a formal musician credit for the song (while Johnny is credited for drums and guitars).  However, Marilyn discussed Jack's participation in an interview with MTV UK: "Johnny’s son Jack – whose birthday I’m gonna be performing at – was in the room and he actually played on the song too. It’s pretty cool.”  Fan reports believe that Jack played guitar but his exact participation has not been confirmed.

born villain   sticker   woms front

4. Johnny Depp and Bill Carter: Musician tattoo artwork
"Tattoo art by: Jack Depp"

Appeared approximately June of 2012.  Tattoos were done at Southside Tattoo in Austin, TX.
     Jack designed the tattoo of a boy in a baseball cap, playing a bass guitar, that is sported by both Johnny and Bill.  Bill confirmed Jack as the artist on his Facebook page in 2012.  Johnny has said, "
My boy Jack has always been a very talented draftsman" and this is certainly one example!  The tattoo has been included in the design of two Duesenberg guitars: the Duesenberg Johnny Depp Artist Series Signature Guitar introduced in 2014, and a second woodgrain Duesenberg that Johnny played in 2015.

johnnybill tattoo   jack tattoo info   dues artist   2015 doozy

4. Chuck E. Weiss: Boston Blackie
"Background vocals: Johnny Depp, Jack Depp, Bruce Witkin, Joey Malone, Bill 'Beano' Hanti, Starling Jenkins"

Released on the album Red Beans And Weiss on April 15, 2014.
     Jack gets his first official credit for his participation on Boston Blackie.  Jack sings background vocals along with his dad, Johnny's fellow Kids-mates Bruce Witkin, Joey Malone, and Beano Hanti, and Starling Jenkins.

RBAW wrapped   RBAW front   boston blackie  

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