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     This gallery and information section is an attempt to compile all of the guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments we've seen with Johnny Depp.  This page focuses on assorted unidentified makes and models.  I'm looking for any assistance in identifying the makes and models of these instruments.  If you can help, please e-mail me at!  

Special thanks to Kieran F., Chris D, Laura, Maggy, Claudia, shamanart, GL Wilson, Keni Lee, Kris, taip, Deppd'Tante, Barbara T, Wayne O, Claude G, Ina S, Mary C, Andrea W, Rubén S, Matt L., Ian B., Jeff M, Evert, Adde, bare bones, Mert Y., and especially Bluetele Mike for help in finding details on many of Johnny's identified and unidentified guitars.

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New Acoustic Guitar seen at Harry Dean Stanton Awards event

HDS award

Johnny played this guitar at the Vidiots First Annual Harry Dean Stanton Awards event on October 23, 2016.  He performed with Harry, Kris Kristofferson, John Densmore and others on songs such as Everybody's Talkin' and Help Me Make It Through The Night.
HST award   HDS 1   HDS 11

Acoustic Guitar seen in 2014 Bruce Weber photoshoot


Johnny is posing with this guitar during a shoot with photographer Bruce Weber for the Interview April 2014 issue.

weber 1   weber 1 crop   weber 2

Acoustic Guitar seen in 1980 Miramar High School Yearbook

MHS 1980

This yearbook photo is believed by most to be of Johnny, even though he had dropped out of high school by 1980.  There are certainly other photos of Johnny from the same time period where he is sporting a similar shag haircut.  He is seen here strumming an acoustic guitar.  Photo posted by Matt L. on the Facebook Miramar group.

Acoustic Guitar seen in Platoon

platoon guitar

Note the S.F. carved in a heart.  This presumably stands for Sherilyn Fenn, with whom Johnny was involved when Platoon was filmed.  There is also a peace sign carved into the guitar (most easily seen in the crop above and the 3rd screen cap).

platoon 1   platoon 2   platoon4   platoon 1 crop

Acoustic Guitar with black pickguard

f and l acoustic

Seen in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas stills.  

fear 3   fear 5   fear 4

Acoustic guitar with black pickguard


Seen in Tom Petty's Into The Great Wide Open video in 1991.  Pickguard is further from the sound hole, and the finish is lighter in color than the Fear and Loathing guitar, and has white edges.


Acoustic Guitar seen in Chocolat DVD extras

chocolat 21

stalens 2   choc 21   choc 22   stalens 1

Acoustic Guitar seen in Once Upon A Time In Mexico DVD extras

OUATIM guitar

This one looks different yet.  The decoration of the sound hole looks different, as does the bridge.  There may be some markings on the 3rd fret? (Or is that a pick?)

ouatim 4   OUATIM 6

Spanish Acoustic Guitar

spanish guitar

Johnny was spotted at Matt Umanov Guitars in New York City on November 18, 2011.  He reportedly purchased this Spanish guitar.

umanov 1   umanov 2   umanov 3   umanov 4   umanov 5

Black Acoustic Guitar

cut you down

Seen in the 2006 Johnny Cash video, God's Gonna Cut You Down.

cash video 10   cash vid 4

Assorted Acoustic Guitars

sxsw 1   sxsw 2

Johnny was seen playing a couple of different acoustic guitars when he jammed with some friends at SXSW in 2012.

Acoustic Guitar seen in 2003 Mark Seliger photo shoot

seliger acoustic 2003

seliger 2003 147

Miscellaneous Instruments

Steel Guitar

steel guitar

In 2012, Johnny was seen playing this guitar in the recording studio while working on the tracks Anything Made Of Paper and Road To Nowhere with Bill Carter for the West Of Memphis: Voices For Justice soundtrack.  While no individual musician credits are noted in the soundtrack's liner notes, Carter's album Unknown credits Johnny for "Electric lap steel, electric guitar" on Anything Made Of Paper.  This is presumably the lap steel.

West Of Memphis: Voices For Justice Official Site Photo Gallery

west of memphis steel

For photos and info about Johnny's other guitars and miscellaneous instruments, please return to the Guitars page!

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