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     This gallery and information section is an attempt to compile all of the guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments we've seen with Johnny Depp.  This page focuses on Resonator Guitars, and Cigfiddles and other Cigar Box Guitars.

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Updated Dobro Resonator Guitar

dobro seliger

Johnny played this beautiful resonator guitar during a 2014 photoshoot in London with Mark Seliger.  The headstock reveals the guitar as a Dobro brand instrument.  Gibson guitars has owned the Dobro trademark since 1994.  Kieran F. compares this guitar to a 1929 Model 65 French Scroll, seen here on

dobro 1   dobro headstock   dobro 4   dobro 2   dobro 3

Schoen Apache Dynamite Resophonic Guitar


During the 2012 Arts In Context: Bill Carter And The Blame special (see the JD Rocks! Documentaries  section), Johnny is showing this guitar to Bill Carter.  The guitar maker is Kurt Schoen.  The guitar is made from an old dynamite box from the Apache Powder Co. in Curtiss, AZ.  See a sketch of the design of the guitar and several close-up photos showing details at the Official Schoen Guitar Website.  Details include a Colt .45 bullet and turquoise inlays, buffalo hide binding, and antique skeleton keyheads.

  Two YouTubes that are no longer available contained the captions:  
  • "Phil Lynch on Apache Dynamite resonator guitar by Kurt Schoen. Guitar recently made for Johnny Depp, Phil gave her a test run to check out action, tone, etc. Thanks Phil!"
  • "Phil Lynch plays impromptu on test out pre delivery on Johnny Depp's new guitar. 24" scale Schoen Turbo resonator, buffalo bound Apache Dynamite body with turquoise inlays. Thanks Phil!"
In another YouTube, Kurt Schoen discuss some other guitars at a 2011 product showcase, describing how many of their guitars feature leather bindings and steamer trunk keys as tuning pegs.
AIC 1   AIC 2   AIC 3   AIC 5   AIC 13   AIC 6

schoen 2   schoen 3   schoen 4   logo

(row 1: glimpses of the guitar from Arts In Context)
(row 2: the guitar as shown being played by Phil Lynch on YouTube; a representative headstock from a different Schoen guitar showing the logo)

Brief biography of Kurt Schoen from Walla Walla Voices
Similar Apache Powder Co. Dynamite Box dated 1934

For another Schoen guitar that was made for Johnny, this one a solid body guitar, visit the Johnny Depp Rocks Johnny's Guitars: Various Makes page.

Other Resonator Guitars

banier guitar crop  
chocolat crop

These may be National Duolian or Triolian Resonator Guitars.  Members of one guitar forum were referring to a triolian. These dobro-type resonator guitars were made from 1930-1938.  Johnny plays two such guitars in the motion picture, Chocolat, and is seen playing one during a 2009 François-Marie Banier photoshoot and a 2013 Peter Mountain photoshoot.  There is also one visible in the background in a 2010 interview Johnny did with Entertainment Tonight for The Tourist.  See a full feature documentary telling the story about National Resonator Guitars in this comprehensive YouTube.  (Thanks to Gareth).

The National Guitar Page
National Duolian Resonator - Vintage Guitars Info
National Triolian guitar - Elderly Instruments
Republic Guitars site

choc 2   choc 2 crop   choc 4   choc 4 crop   choc beh

banier guitar   VF banier   EW3   EW crop   mountain 2013

choc 5   choc 7   choc 01   choc   roux

(row 1: Chocolat screen caps and stills featuring first resonator guitar)
(row 2:
2009 Banier photoshoot; 2010 Entertainment Tonight interview; 2013 Mountain photoshoot. Possibly the same guitar as in row 1)
(row 3: 
Chocolat screen caps and stills featuring a second guitar)

Resonator Guitar

seliger guitar 2003

This is another resonator guitar, seen in the 2003 Mark Seliger photoshoot.  It looks to my untrained eye somewhat like a Recording King Style O Resonator guitar.

Recording King Style-O Resonator Guitar on Elderly Instruments

seliger guitar 2003   seliger 2003 16   seliger 2003 374   Seliger 2003 375

Cigar Box Guitar(s)

cigar box

NZ Herald crop

cigarbox 2011   double neck

These unusual guitars have seen carried by Johnny or his assistant since 2009.  This type of guitar is made from cigar boxes or similar materials.  They often have a resonator and 4 strings, and may be tuned like a ukulele or tenor guitar.

Visit Keni Lee Burgess' YouTube channel to hear some music played on cigar box guitars and other resonator guitars.  Keni Lee also sells instructional CDs and a music CD, Good & Evil, on eBay.

One or more of these guitars are "Cigfiddles" made by L.A.-based luthier Matty Baratto.  Johnny has also given these guitars as gifts to friends including Paul McCartney, Ralph Steadman and Steven Tyler.  Bill Carter, Joey Malone and Bruce Witkin also play various models, including an 8 string and a bass model.

December 16, 2012 article about Paul McCartney, Johnny and Baratto Guitars
Baratto Cigfiddles
Baratto Cigfiddle gallery
Cigar box guitar on Wikipedia
Cigar Box Nation

paris 2009   paris clip 2009 2   Nice 1   Nice 2

EW 3   EW6   EW 6cr   NZ Herald 1   mountain 04   mountain 05

2011 cigar   cigar 2011 2   cigar head
  sxsw 3   sxsw 4   mmv 17

seliger cig 4   cig tag   seliger cig 1   seliger cig 2   seliger cig 3

(row 1: cigar box guitar with lighter finish seen in July (Paris) and August (Nice) of 2009)
(row 2: cigar box guitar with darker finish seen in 2010 Entertainment Tonight interview; striated finish in 2010 Peter Mountain photoshoot)
(row 3: another guitar with darker finish and extra holes seen in Paris in November of 2011; at SXSW in 2012, both Johnny and Marcus Mumford strum a double neck model; Johnny jams on cigfiddle with Paul McCartney on a bass cigfiddle and Wally Pfister on guitar in McCartney's Making My Valentine featurette, 2012)
(row 4: a Baratto cigfiddle being played by Johnny during a 2014 Mark Seliger photoshoot for Details magazine.  See 
Details: Johnny Depp In London by Mark Seliger on YouTube.)

For photos and info about Johnny's other guitars and miscellaneous instruments, please return to the Guitars page!

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