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     This gallery and information section is an attempt to compile all of the guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments we've seen with Johnny Depp.  This page focuses on more of Johnny's Gibson Guitars, including some acoustics and semi-acoustics. 

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New Gibson Kristofferson SJ


On June 23, 2017, Johnny joined Kris Kristofferson on stage at the Glastonbury Festival, UK, playing a guitar that looked very much like Kris' own.  It is likely a Gibson Kristofferson SJ, made in honor of Kris' own trademark Southern Jumbo.  It is reportedly limited to just 300 guitars.
Gibson Kristofferson SJ on

glasto 002   glasto 172

New Gibson J-180 Everly Brothers Flattop


When Johnny arrived in Tokyo on June 19, 2017 for the Pirates 5 Japan Premiere, he was spotted carrying this beautiful guitar through the airport.  It appears to be a J-180 Everly Brothers Gibson, made popular by the legendary duo from the 1950's.  The guitar features 5 point star inlays and a double tortoise-shell pickguard. It was issued in the 1960's and 70's and re-issued in the 80's.  A current edition of the J-180 has been made in honor of Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.  In some close-ups of Johnny's guitar, one can barely make out the name "Everly" on the fretboard, and a Hollywood Vampires pick can also be seen tucked in the strings.
20 Essential Facts About The Gibson J-180

tokyo 808   tokyo 323   tokyo inset 414   tokyo inset 468

Updated Gibson Acoustic seen at Hunter S. Thompson tribute

Louisville 1996

Johnny played slide guitar at a tribute to Thompson in Louisville, KY in 1996.   Not much detail can be seen, but there is a pickguard, there are decorative inlays in the fretboard, and there is a symbol and logo on the headstock that says Gibson. Kieran F. believes the body and headstock to be an L4 or L7 archtop acoustic, probably post-1951 and pre-1971, and that the tuning pegs are not Gibson but probably replacements.

HST13   HST19   HST21   HSThead

AWD-4   HSTneck back   HST6   AWD3

Gibson L-4 Archtop model
Gibson L-7 Archtop model

Updated Acoustic Guitars seen in Paul McCartney's Early Days video and MJ Kim photos

early days 1   early days 2

Johnny jams with Paul McCartney and some blues musicians in the 2014 Early Days video, and poses for photographer MJ Kim for some behind the scenes photos.  The guitar seen in the video has a shiny, smooth finish and a pickguard, while the other guitar that he poses with in the black and white photo below has a much more distressed finish, f-holes, and no pickguard.  Kieran F. believes these both to be Gibson L5 models.

mjkim2   early days 1   mjkim0

Gibson L-5 Model

Gibson Les Paul Vari-Twelve Custom

les paul 12

On January 25, 2014, at the Imperial 8 Ball/Duesenberg NAMM Afterparty in Anaheim, CA, Johnny played this 12 string guitar during Steven Tyler's performance of Seasons Of Wither.  A closeup of the headstock clearly shows 12 tuning heads.  Guitar collector Jeff M., a previous owner of this guitar, confirms that this is a 1981 Gibson Les Paul VARITWELVE Custom with solid brass nut, and 5 ply binding around the entire fretboard. It also has a dual jack Varitone (stereo) system factory installed.  It is a very rare guitar and not any reissue.  Johnny has also lent the guitar to Joe Perry, who can be seen with it during an interview with Guitar Center.  While the photos of Johnny playing the guitar are not very clear, those of Joe Perry are detailed enough to identify the guitar positively.  Many thanks to Jeff, and also to Ina and Andrea for their additional help.

Description and photos of Gibson Custom Vari-Twelve at MyLesPaul discussion board
Guitar Center interview with Joe Perry with Joe holding the guitar in the photo
YouTube of the Guitar Center interview with the guitar featured

vari-twelve case   vari body   vari-details   vari-closeup

namm 1   les 2   vari 12 joe jeff   vari-perry3

(row 1: Gibson Custom Vari-Twelve guitar in case, closeup of the body, additional closeups showing details.  Photos courtesy of Jeff M.)
(row 2: photos 1 and 2: January 26, 2014 at the Imperial 8 Ball/Duesenberg NAMM show in Anaheim, CA; photo 3: the vari-twelve displayed and in the hands of Joe Perry and former owner Jeff M.; photo 4: Joe Perry)


Gibson Electric Guitar seen in 2004 Mark Seliger photo shoot

seliger 2004

This guitar looks a little like a Gibson Custom ES-175, except for the color and a fancier pickguard and tailpiece.  Of course, I could be way off!
Gibson ES-175 reissue

seliger 2004

Gibson Guitar at Vintage & Rare Guitars


Johnny visited Vintage & Rare Guitars in London around August of 2011, and posed with this Gibson semi-acoustic/hollowbody guitar.  It resembles the 1953 ES-350 model that they once showed in their catalog.  No telling if Johnny actually purchased this guitar, but it's certainly a beauty!

Gibson ES series on Wikipedia
Gibson 1950 ES-350 at
10 Cool Albums That Feature Gibsons On Their Covers including Chuck Berry playing an ES-350
vintage and rare   ES-350 head   1953 ES-350

Gibson F-hole Guitar

gibson f hole

In a film about the making of Butch Walker's 2015 album, Afraid Of Ghosts, Johnny was spotted playing a Gibson guitar with f-holes.  We can't see much of it, but it looks similar to this model shown at  It could also be related to the ES335 or one of its relatives.

gib 13   gib 15   gib 10

Gibson Style O Guitar

Gibson style O

One of Johnny's newest guitars-- this vintage acoustic archtop model was given to Johnny on his 46th Birthday in San Juan on June 9, 2009.  Johnny was also presented with a red Corvette, which was used in the filming of The Rum Diary.  We will see if the guitar also makes an appearance in the movie.  The Style O was manufactured by Gibson between 1902 and 1925 or later.  

Style O - Vintage Guitars Info
Style O - National Music Museum
Style O - The Mandolin Archive
birthday guitar 4   birthday guitar 5   birthday guitar 5 crop   birthday guitar 7

Guitar seen in Chocolat

chocolat 10

One guitar forum identified this archtop guitar as a Gretsch Model 35.  However, a Bluesbox Collection web page (see link below) indicates that the Gretsch Model 35 was a direct competitor of the Gibson L5 model.  The inlays in the fretboard look more like the Gibson to me.

Bluesbox Collection - Gretsch model 35 (possibly refinished- the description mentions that it would have originally been in a sunburst finish, as in the case of the Chocolat guitar)
Gibson L-5

chocolat 8   chocolat 10   chocolat 13

Gibson Master Museum Collection Pirates Of The Caribbean guitar

pirates guitar crop

This awesome guitar was custom designed for Johnny by Gibson Master Builder Ren Ferguson in about 2006, around the time of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest filming.  It was built at Gibson's Bozeman, Montana plant.  It is a J-200 body style, and is worth an estimated $100,000.  Ferguson was inspired by a line from Curse Of The Black Pearl:  "Depp says, 'A ship is more than a keel, a hull, a deck and sails – what it is is freedom.' The line struck a chord with Ferguson, who believes that a guitar is more than just spruce, mahogany and some lacquer; it is also freedom."

Information on and more photos of this custom Gibson guitar can be found:

About master guitar builder Ren Ferguson in Jan. 8, 2006 Bozeman Daily Chronicle
October 2008 Premier Guitar article on Ren Ferguson (containing additional photos)

pirates guitar

Gibson L-O Guitar played at Voices For Justice Concert

wm3 guitar

Johnny played this guitar at the Voices For Justice concert in Little Rock, AR, on August 28, 2010.  He used the same guitar for all of his performances this night.  Mike E. ID's this as a Gibson L-O model that was probably from the early 1930's.  The color, wear, and fret markings as well as the logo on the headstock distinguish it from other acoustic guitars on this page.  I believe it is the same guitar that is spotted on Johnny's yacht, the Vajoliroja, in a photo spread that was published in Boats International USA in March of 2009, as well as the yacht's official brochure.

Gibson L-O guitar
Gibson L-O guitar headstock

society 8   society 12   headstockcrop   dancing 1   dancing 2

vajoliroja   boats international USA   vajoliroja guitar   vjlrj

(row 1: Voices For Justice concert, August 28, 2010, with Eddie Vedder and Patti Smith)
(row 2: Vajoliroja Boats International USA spread; brochure photo from

Black Gibson Acoustic Guitar

office guitar

This one has a different neck than another unidentified black acoustic guitar that Johnny played in the Johnny Cash God's Gonna Cut You Down video.  This one was spotted in Johnny's private office during an interview with Larry King in October, 2011.  A brief closeup shows a sticker identifying it as a Gibson made in Kalamazoo, MI.

king 1   king 3   king closeup 2   king close up 1

LK 23a   LK 22   LK 25

(row 1: photos and behind the scenes; Larry King interview 2011)
(row 2: HQ caps by Deppd'tante)

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