Johnny as The Wolf

Here is Johnny as The Wolf and other images from in Into The Woods!
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First Casting Call

into the woods casting notice

From Filming:

First Set Photos, September 2013

first set photo   rapunzel1   Rapunzel2

Miscellaneous Set Photos, Fall 2013

itw notice   beanstalk   itw misc set   itw- nov

YouTube from filming

Chris Pine and Anna Kendrick
James Corden tweet November 27, 2013
"And that is a wrap on Into The Woods!!! The best filming experience I've ever had."


Costume design for The Wolf

wolf costume

Costumes exhibited at El Capitan Theatre in January 2015

costume placard   costumes 2   costumes 3   costumes 4   costumes 1


the wolf still   still 33   wolf still   still wolf 1   wolf granny

still 3   still 2   still 12   still 7   still 6

still 11   still 4   still 9   still 5   still 8   still 10

Screen Caps from Trailer and Clips

still 02   still 03   still 07   still 09   still 10

clip cap 1   clip cap 2   clip cap 3


and other Advertising

into the woods first poster   official logo   ITW poster1   the wolf gif   missing the flowers   wolf's meal

nice poster   flowers gif   japan1   japan 2   japan 3   japan 4

Magazine Covers

disney23   th-wolfEW   THR cover   newsreel

Johnny recording Hello Little Girl

rec 1   recording 2   recording 3   recording 4   itw rec 8   itw rec 7

For Your Consideration Website and Ads

FYC categories

fyc banner

banner 2

fyc banner blurbs

fyc 1   fyc 1a
  fyc eda   itw gg   awards daily ad   website FYC

fyc 572   itw fyc 571   itw ad 13 
  sag ad 1   itw ad 67   fyc 4   fyc 2

Blu-Ray and DVD Covers

bluray cover   bluray back   DVD front   DVD back


extra 2   extra 4   extra 7   extra 9   extra 12   extra 13

extra 17   extra 20   extra 21   extra 22   extra 23   extra 24

extra 26   extra 27   extra 28   extra 29   extra 30   extra 32

The Cast

meryl   Emily   James   Anna   Chris   Tracy

Christine   Johnny   LillaDaniel   BillyMac   TammyLucy   FrancesSimon

Official Disney Into The Woods website:

Into The Woods

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