Johnny's Musical Characters

Johnny at screenings and premieres of Sweeney Todd, at awards ceremonies, and in photoshoots promoting the film!
(many of these are thanks to Bonnie, Anamaria and Ldinka!)

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"Tim Burton Day", Venice Film Festival September 5, 2007
Tim receives the Golden Lion, and the first 8 minute clip of Sweeney Todd is shown to an audience

venicearr1   venarr2   venarr3   venboat1   venboat2   vencarpet1   vencarpet2   vencarpet3

ventim1   ventim2   ventim3   award1   award2   award3

screening1   pose1   pose2   italianstaff

Premieres and Screenings

Private screening in New York City, December 2, 2007


Premiere of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street in New York City, December 3, 2007

premieref9   premiere3   premiere4   prem15e   prem17f   premfe3   prem36b   prem147  

Private screening in LA, December 5, 2007

LA46a   LA82   LA98a   LA4f1   LA29a   LA918   LA684a   LA58a

Japanese Premiere, Tokyo, January 8, 2008

tokyo1   tokyo2   tokyo6   tokyo 4   tokyosmall17   tokyo6   tokyo7   tokyochair   tokyo8

European Premiere, London, January 10, 2008

london1   london2   london3   london4   london7   london5   london 6

French Premiere, Paris, January 16, 2008

paris 1   paris 2   paris 3   paris 4   paris 6   paris indoors1   paris indoors2   paris indoors3


80th Annual Academy Awards, February 24, 2008 (nominated for Best Actor for Sweeney Todd)

Oscars 3   oscar o11   oscar 5   oscar 2   oscar 7   oscar 8 crop   oscar 8   oscar 6 crop

oscars a83   oscar aeae   oscar baax7   oscars a1   oscars c2a8   oscar c3   oscar aef63   oscars ae5a

MTV Movie Awards, June 1, 2008 (won Best Villain for Sweeney Todd and Best Comedic Performance for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End)

MTV1   MTV2   MTV 3   MTV4   MTV5   MTV6   MTV7

National Movie Awards (UK), September 8, 2008 (won Best Male Performance for Sweeney Todd)

national movie awards 1   national movie awards 2   national movie awards 3   national movie awards 4   national movie awards 5

Photoshoots promoting Sweeney Todd

Kevork Djansezian

Djansezian   djan10   djan432   djansezian9   djan2   djan8

djansezian2   djansezian4   djan3

Todd Plitt

plitt2   plitt 3dc   plitt47d   plitt radio times   plitt b5d   plitt29   plitt317

Marc Hom

hom park ave 1   hom vanfair1   Hom Park Ave 4   hom1   2008 Park Avenue   hom3   Hom Park Ave 7   hom roadshow   hom2

Andrew Eccles

eccles   eccles 4   eccles 5   eccles 3   eccles 6   eccles 7   eccles 8

eccles 9   eccles 10   
eccles cover   eccles 11   eccles 12

Liz O. Baylen

Baylen 1   Baylen 2   baylen 70b   baylen LA times

Matthew Rolston

rs cover   rolston4   rolston b7   rolston 5   rolston 9   rolston h4

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