Johnny's Musical Characters

Here is Johnny in screen caps and production stills from the film!

 (Click images to enlarge)

Theatrical trailer

st trailer 5
  st trailer 1   st trailer 11   st trailer 12

st trailer 3   st trailer 3   st trailer 23   st trailer 4

Internet trailer

trailer2-02   trailer2-05   sttrailer2-06   trailer2-09

trailer2-10   trailer2-11   trailer2-13   trailer2-14

Production stills by Leah Gallo

gallo1   gallo2   galloEW2   ewcrop   sweeneymr9   gallo NY times lg
galloxv2   galloEW2   gallo depp burton2   sweeney tj4   la times1

black and white shots from Playbill, thanks to Maggy

galloplaybill1   galloplaybill2

Production stills by Peter Mountain

mountain jo7   mountainNYTimes   mountain ks0   st8908   salisbury 7

mountain ya6   mountain 1   mountain la times   promo50   starlog   salisbury 8

Portraits and stills by Mary Ellen Mark

glamour mark   glamour crop   mark sweeney 1   mark sweeney 2   mark costume

Additional stills
Photographer identification pending!
(Most of these are credited jointly to Peter Mountain and Leah Gallo, or to Paramount)

promo52   st3066   3066crop   st5300   st461

st310   st0310crop   am cin1   promo51   st6112   promo53   am cin 3

st604   salisbury 16   am cin 2   promo48   promo49

salisbury 11   salisbury 12   salisbury 18   am cin 5   salisbury 15

sweeney 7f   promo 1   promo 2   promo 3   promo 4   promo 5   sweeney still 2fd

From the DVD:

still1   still 2   still 3   still 4   still 5

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