Johnny's Musical Characters

Here is Johnny in his first singing role!

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Variety ad announcing the start of Sweeney Todd filming, February 5, 2007
Note that Christopher Lee's name is attached, even though his part was eventually dropped from the film

variety ad feb 2007

Johnny in full costume at Pinewood Studios, March 26, 2007
The first photos to surface!

sweeney1   st1b  stclose2   sweeney5   stclose1   sweeney2   st60   st61

First poster revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, July 26, 2007

sweeney poster

Additional posters and standees
from Paramount

st poster 2   poster3   standee   paramount1   paramount2   stposter0b0   st revenge

First production stills by Leah Gallo, August 10 and August 20, 2007

gallo still 1   gallo still 2

for additional production stills by Leah Gallo and others, please visit Page 2!

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Sweeney on Magazine Covers
(many of these covers thanks to Lynn!)

entertainment weekly   film review   fangoria   200801MovieStar   mad movies   HX mark   culture

czech premier   french studio   24seven   rue morgue   fantastique   gore zone   RDC 2008

imagenes   best movie   Hype   cinema 120   luna teen   brazil   cinemania 2008

cinepremiere   film tv   focusVIF   positif   200803 bravo   telerama   DavidAtlanta

popcorn2008   cinema greek   cinemania mexico   ekran   Sin   accion   ultimate

first   star talk   orkus   discovery russian   total DVD   200805 DVDreview   DVD monthly


FYC1   FYC1a   FYC2   FYC3   FYC4   FYC5   FYC6

FYC7   FYC 7B   FYC8   FYC9   FYC10b   FYC10c   FYC11

FYC12   FYC13   FYC14   FYC15   FYC16   FYC17   

FYC19   FYC20   FYC21   FYC web 2   FYC22   FYC23

FYC web 3

intl gif   FYC web   FYC web 4

Congratulations/Thanks Ads

FYC7A   globes1   variety globes critics   thanks   congrats2   congrats 3   congrats4

Miscellaneous Ads

q&ascreening   HRscreenings   20071125NYTimes   south korea 1   south korea 2   deepdiscount

web ad 1   paramount banner   web ad 2

HBO ad

Soundtrack and book covers

soundtrack highlights   soundtrack deluxe   salisbury book   salisbury back

DVD art

DVD1   DVD2   DVD4   DVDart 5   DVD art 3   blu-ray

Promotional Postcard

postcard front   postcard back

for screen caps and production stills from Sweeney Todd, please visit Page 2!
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