Johnny's Musical Characters

Here are some characters, either in the film or behind the scenes, who enjoy music!

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Pvt. Gator Lerner, Platoon

 platoon1   platoon2   platoon3

Officer Tom Hanson, 21 Jump Street

(original "Shotgun" closing credits to pilot episode from Season 1, not included on the DVD; from the last portion of a YouTube by "Leanne")

pilot 1    pilot 3    pilot 7    pilot 7

shotgun still

(original "See You In September" closing credits to season 2 finale, not included on the DVD; caps are from the former Oh Johnny! site)

ss1   ss1   ss2  ss3   jump 5   jump 6

(additional watermarked but slightly larger caps from a YouTube by M1n0r1ty)

syis 2   SYIS 6   syis7   SYIS 1

(episode "High High" from Season 3)

21 jump 0   jumpst1   jumpst2   jumpst3

jumpst4   jumpst5   jumpst6   jumpst7
(officer Hanson also plays congas in this episode!)

conga 1   conga 2   conga 3   conga 4


Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker, Cry-Baby

crybaby1   crybaby1a   crybaby1b

crybaby2   crybaby3   crybaby4

crybaby5   crybaby6   crybaby7

Axel Blackmar, Arizona Dream

(Axel prefers to play the harmonica)

az dream 1   az drean 3   az dream 4

Raoul Duke, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

fear 3   falilv1   falilv2

Roux, Chocolat

choc1   choc4   choc2   choc3   choc5

stalens1   choc6   choc7   choc8

chocsc1   chocsc2   choc 6   chocsc7

chocsc8   chocsc9   chocsc10

chocsc12   chocsc13   chocsc14

Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


Information on and more photos of this custom Gibson guitar can be found:

October 2008 Premier Guitar article on Ren Ferguson

Sweeney Todd of Sweeney Todd deserves his own gallery!  (Along with other images from the film)
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sweeney todd

Rango, Rango

Rango   rango wp

rangoguitar1   rangoguitar2

rangoguitar3   rangoguitar4

"Himself", Life's Too Short

(Johnny's alterego decides to accompany Davis on recorder to a "Lord of the Dance" routine)

lts-1   lts 2   lts 3   lts 4

Matthew Smith, Lucky Them

(Johnny plays a former musician who disappeared ten years before the film takes place)

luckythem1   luckythem5   luckythem12   luckythem15

(behind the scenes)

luckythem bts   luckythem bts2

The Wolf of Into The Woods deserves his own gallery!  (Along with other images from the film)
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Into The Woods Gallery

Donald J. Trump, Funny or Die Presents: Donald Trump's The Art Of The Deal: The Movie

(the Donald does Hip-Hop)
trump1   trump2   trump4   trump 6

Guy Lapointe, Yoga Hosers

yh1   yh4   yh6   yh7