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1994    Shane MacGowan & The Popes:  The Snake (album; undisclosed songs)
1994    Bill Carter:  Fidel's Taxi (song)
1995    Oasis:  Fade Away (song)
1995    P:  P (album)
1997    Oasis:  Fade In-Out (song)
1999    Iggy Pop:  Hollywood Affair (song)
2000    Vanessa Paradis:  Firmaman (song)
2001    Chocolat Soundtrack: Minor Swing and Caravan (songs)
2003    Once Upon A Time In Mexico Soundtrack: Sands Theme (song)
2007    Sweeney Todd soundtrack (album; multiple songs)
2010    Babybird: Unloveable (song)
2010    Shane MacGowan & Friends:  I Put A Spell On You (song)
Vanessa Paradis:  Angora (song)
2011    The Rum Diary Soundtrack: The Mermaid Song (instrumental) and Kemp In The Village (songs)
2011    Babybird: The Jesus Stag Night Club (song)
2011    Lulu Gainsbourg:  Ballade de Melody Nelson
(w/ Vanessa Paradis) (song)
2011    Lulu Gainsbourg:  Sous Le Soleil Exactement (w/ Shane MacGowan) (song)
2012    Marilyn Manson:  You're So Vain (song)
2012    Patti Smith:  Banga (song)
2012    Aerosmith: Freedom Fighter (song)
2012    Aerosmith: Train Kept A Rollin' (song-video)
West Of Memphis: Voices For Justice (album; multiple songs)
Bill Carter:  Anything Made Of Paper (song)
2013    Bill Carter:  State Trooper (song)
2013    Son Of Rogue's Gallery: Leaving Of Liverpool (w/ Shane MacGowan) (song)
2013    Son Of Rogue's Gallery: The Mermaid (w/ Patti Smith) (song)
2013    Steve Hunter:  The Brooklyn Shuffle (song)
2013    Iggy Pop: Sweet Betsy From Pike (song)
2013    Louise Goffin: Watching The Sky Turn Blue (song)
2014    Chuck E. Weiss: Red Beans And Weiss (album; multiple songs)
2014    Ryan Adams: Aching For More (song)
2014    Ryan Adams: Kim (song)
2014    Ryan Adams: Feels Like Fire (song)
2014    The New Basement Tapes: Kansas City (song)
2014    Butch Walker: 21+ (song)
2014    Joe Perry: Run Run Rudolph (song)
2014    Into The Woods Soundtrack (album; song)

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1) Shane MacGowan & the Popes: The Snake

Released October 17, 1994 in UK.  A revised version was released in the UK in June of 1995 and in the US on June 27, 1995 with additional tracks and in a different song order.  Single: That Woman's Got Me Drinking, released in UK Oct. 3, 1994.  
(Johnny's participation is not specified for any specific song(s) on the album, but some Pogues sites confirm that he plays on the studio version of That Woman's Got Me Drinking.  It's quite possible that he performs on other tracks, as well).  Scans are of the original UK release and the US release.

Original UK release                                     UK reissue                                            US Version       
snakeUK   The Snake UK        UK snake reissue   UK snake reissue liner        snakeUS   The Snake US

August 10, 1995 Rolling Stone mention
More information on the JD Rocks! Guest Sessions page
More information on Shane MacGowan's discography:

2) Bill Carter:  Fidel's Taxi

Released on the album, City Of The Violet Crown, in 1994.
cotvc cover   cotvc back   cotvc notes

2) Oasis: Fade Away

Recorded September 4, 1995, released on the album, Help: A Charity Project for the Children Of Bosnia (Warchild Charities) just 5 days later on September 9, 1995.
Help CD

Information about the Help CD can be found here:
Warchild site - the Help! Album
More info about the recordings from Warchild

and general info about other Warchild releases can be found here:
Warchild Home Page

Fade Away is also included on the Japanese CD single, Don't Go Away, in February 1998
Oasis dga   Oasis Don't Go Away

And also appears on a compilation called Backbeat: Volume 2 
backbeat front   backbeat back

More information on the JD Rocks! Sessions page

4) P: P

Released November 21, 1995 on Capitol Records
                               Original release                                        Canadian release        Japanese release
                                                                                                                                   w/ bonus track
P cover   P Liner notes   P back     pcanada   pjapan

Re-released May 8, 2007 on Caroline Records

reissue   sticker   reissue back

Michael Stipe 7" single (b/w Mumble), released 1995

7 inch front   7 inch back   7 inch vinyl 1   7 inch vinyl 2

Michael Stipe CD single (includes Dancing Queen and Mumble), released 1995

CD single cover   CD single insert   CD single disc

Dancing Queen Japanese 3-inch CD single (includes Michael Stipe), released 1995

3 inch single front   3 inch single back   3 inch single   Dancing Queen lyrics

P album also released on 12 inch yellow vinyl, advance cassette, and advance CD.  See scans of other release formats on the Johnny Depp Rocks! P page.

5) Oasis: Fade In-Out

Recorded in June 1996 in Mustique in the Caribbean, released on the album Be Here Now, on August 21, 1997
Oasis bhn   Oasis Be Here Now

More information on the JD Rocks! Sessions page

Also released on Be Here Now Remastered Deluxe Edition on October 7, 2016
bhn- new front   bhn new back   bhn liner 1   bhn liner 2   bhn liner 3

6) Iggy Pop: Hollywood Affair

Released on the CD single, Corruption, November 30, 1999.  A Virgin press release (with the original planned release date of October 4, 1999) announced Johnny's participation.
  • "Featuring Johnny Depp"
corrup front   Iggy Pop corruption   press release

Also released on Japanese CD version of Avenue B, December 7, 1999
  • "Johnny Depp: Guitar"
iggy aveB   Iggy Pop Avenue B

Also released on Hollywood Goes Wild! CD to benefit the Wildlife Waystation, March 27, 2001

hollywood goes wild   goes wild

Also released on Deep Cuts, April 7, 2009


March 15, 2001 Rolling Stone mention
More information on the JD Rocks! Guest Sessions page

7) Vanessa Paradis: Firmaman

Released on the album Bliss on October 17, 2000 (French release)  
  • "guitare lead: Johnny"
bliss   Paradis Bliss

More information on the JD Rocks! Guest Sessions page

8) Chocolat: Minor Swing and Caravan

Johnny filmed in June-July of 2000, Motion Picture Soundtrack released on January 9, 2001.  Chocolat was nominated for the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack Album For A Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media.  No individual credit given to Johnny on the soundtrack.


The movie's closing credits list Johnny and Malcolm Ross for the guitar work on Minor Swing, They're Red Hot (not included on the soundtrack) and Caravan  
  • "Guitars: Johnny Depp/Malcolm Ross"
Chocolat DVD

Minor Swing also released on The World Cinema Album, March 8, 2005  
  • "Guitar by Johnny Depp"
world cinema1   world cinema2

Both Minor Swing and Caravan were released on a Sony Music Sampler in Taiwan, 2001
  • "Johnny Depp"
sony taiwan front   sony taiwan liner   sony taiwan back

9) Once Upon A Time In Mexico: Sands Theme

Recorded sometime between 2001 and 2003; Motion Picture Soundtrack released September 9, 2003  
  • "Performed by Tonto's Giant Nuts"

OUATIM credit

10)  Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: The Motion Picture Soundtrack

Released December 18, 2007.  Sweeney Todd received a Grammy nomination for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media.  The album entered the Billboard 200 Chart at #56, peaked at #16 in its fourth week, and remained in the Top 200 for 24 weeks.  It also stayed in the Top 25 on the Billboard Soundtracks chart for 29 weeks, including the first 10 weeks and 2 additional weeks in the Top Ten.  See the JD Rocks! Sweeney Todd page for more info.
  • "Sweeney Todd: Johnny Depp"
Deluxe Edition

del front   deluxe jewel case   deluxe back   deluxe sticker   deluxe1   deluxe 2   deluxe 3

Highlights Disc