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As a music collector even before I became a die-hard Johnny Depp fan, it has been natural for me to start picking up recordings that feature Johnny.   This discography pertains only to Johnny's contributions to audio recordings, including:  musician, spoken performance, songwriter, producer, artist, or author.   Many of the recordings cited below are still available new or used- check your local record shop, Amazon (including their used store) and eBay, as well as iTunes, for many of these!

Some information about Johnny's participation on commercial releases has been available on Artist Direct, but this is an incomplete and somewhat inaccurate list.  Where possible, I've provided my own scans of the liner notes so that it can be seen exactly what Johnny's true credits are.

This is a work in progress, and certainly not meant to be the last word on Johnny's musical pursuits!  Any additions-  info about additional recordings Johnny has participated in, record reviews or articles, scans, etc., would be most appreciated!! 

Combined Discography
1988    Rock City Angels: Young Man's Blues [songwriter: music, Mary]
1993    Arizona Dream Soundtrack:  American Dreamers - Old Home Movie [spoken word]
1994    Shane MacGowan & The Popes:  The Snake (album; undisclosed songs) [guitar-weird noises]
1994    Bill Carter:  Fidel's Taxi (song) [chorus]
1995    Oasis:  Fade Away (song)
1995    P:  P (album)[guitar & bass; songwriter, with Bill Carter, Gibby Haynes, Sal Jenco]
1996    Dead Man Soundtrack [spoken word]
1997    Kerouac:  Madroad Driving (from Visions of Cody) [spoken word]
1997    Oasis:  Fade In-Out (song) [slide guitar]
1998    Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas - Music From The Motion Picture (soundtrack) [spoken word]
1999    Iggy Pop:  Hollywood Affair (song) [guitar; songwriter: music, producer]
1999    Chuck E. Weiss:  Devil With Blue Suede Shoes (song) [executive producer]
2000    Vanessa Paradis:  Bliss (album) [artist: cover photograph]
2000    Vanessa Paradis:  Firmaman (song) [lead guitar]
2000    Vanessa Paradis:  St. Germain (song) [songwriter: music]
2000    Vanessa Paradis:  Bliss (song) [songwriter: music]
2001    Chocolat Soundtrack: Minor Swing and Caravan (songs)
2002    The Boogie Pimps:  Salt Shaker [spoken word]
2003    Once Upon A Time In Mexico Soundtrack: Sands Theme (song) ["performed by Tonto's Giant Nuts"; songwriter,
                    with Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin, Ruth Ellsworth; producer]

2004    Bobby Darin:  Aces Back To Back (album) [author]

2006    Rogue's Gallery:  Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (album) [executive producer]
2006    Iggy & the Stooges:  Escaped Maniacs [author]
2007    Vanessa Paradis:  Divinidylle (album) [artist: cover portrait]
2007    Gypsy Caravan:  Music In And Inspired By The Film (album) [author]

2007    Sweeney Todd soundtrack (album) [vocals]
2008    Gonzo: The Life And Work Of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson - Music From The Film [spoken word; producer; author]
2009    Glenn Tilbrook & The Fluffers:  Too Close To The Sun (song) [spoken word]
2009    Vanessa Paradis:  Best Of (album) [artist/photographer]
2010    Babybird:  Unloveable (song) [guitar]
2010    Shane MacGowan & Friends:  I Put A Spell On You (song) [guitar]
2010    When You're Strange: Songs From The Motion Picture (album) [spoken word; author]
2010    Life - Audiobook autobiography of Keith Richards (CD) [spoken word]
2011    Rango: Music From The Motion Picture (soundtrack) [spoken word]
2011    The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box (box set) [author]
2011    Vanessa Paradis:  Angora (song)[musician, arrangement]
2011    The Rum Diary - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: (songs) [piano, guitar, songwriter, producer]
2011    Babybird: The Jesus Stag Night Club (song) [guitar]
2011    Lulu Gainsbourg: Ballade de Melody Nelson (song) [vocals (spoken), bass, drums, percussion, guitars]
2011    Lulu Gainsbourg:  Sous Le Soleil Exactement (song) [drums, percussion, guitars]
2012    More Music From The Rum Diary (album) [executive producer]
2012    Marilyn Manson:  You're So Vain (song) [drums, guitars, producer]
2012    Dark Shadows Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:  The Joker (song) [spoken word]
2012    Patti Smith:  Banga (song) [guitars, drums]
Kae State featuring Rob Jackson and Jup:  Street Runners (song) [spoken word (as Mr. Stench)]
2012    Aerosmith:  Freedom Fighter (song)[backing vocals]
2012    Aerosmith:  Train Kept A Rollin' (official video) [guitar]
2012    West Of Memphis: Voices For Justice (album) [guitars, drums, vocals, spoken word, producer]
2013    Bill Carter: Anything Made Of Paper (song from Unknown and West Of Memphis) [electric lap steel, electric guitar]
2013    Bill Carter: State Trooper (song) [lap slide guitar-bass drum]
2013    Son Of Rogue's Gallery:
Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (album) [guitars, drums, executive producer]
2013    Steve Hunter:  The Brooklyn Shuffle (song from The Manhattan Blues Project) [guitar]
2013    Vanessa Paradis: New Year (song from Love Songs) [songwriter: chords]
2013    Iggy Pop: Sweet Betsy From Pike (song from The Lone Ranger: Wanted) [producer, arranger, musician]
2013    Louise Goffin: Watching The Sky Turn Blue (song) [vocals, handclaps]
2014    Chuck E. Weiss: Red Beans And Weiss (album) [drums, guitar, bass, background vocals, executive producer]
2014    Ryan Adams: Aching For More (song)[electric guitar]
2014    Pink Grenade: Gold Blooded (song)[spoken word]
2014    Ryan Adams: Kim (song from Ryan Adams)[guitar]
2014    Ryan Adams: Feels Like Fire (song from Ryan Adams)[guitar and vocals]
2014    The New Basement Tapes: Kansas City (song from Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes)[guitar]
2014    Butch Walker: 21+ (song from Afraid Of Ghosts)[guitar]
2014    Joe Perry: Run Run Rudolph (song from Joe Perry's Merry Christmas)[rhythm guitar]
2014    Into The Woods Soundtrack (album) [vocals]
2015    Ryan Adams: No Shadow, It's In My Head (songs)[electric guitar, vocals, songwriter]
2015    Hollywood Vampires (album)[guitars, vocals, keyboards, sound design, songwriter, executive producer]
2016    Hollywood Vampires Digital Deluxe Edition (album)[all of the above plus spoken word]

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