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     Johnny Depp got his first guitar at the age of 12.  He had been inspired by his evangelical Uncle Denny and his gospel group, but only as far as the music was concerned.  After teaching himself to play, partly by ear and partly with a stolen chord book, Johnny was in a series of bands in South Florida: FlameZaphyre, Bitch, Bad Boys, and Stiff Richard (he may have only jammed with this last one) before becoming lead guitarist with his dream band, The Kids.  Moving to LA in late 1983, The Kids changed their name to Six Gun Method but soon split up.  After Johnny had gotten his first few acting roles, he still pursued a career in music and took up a rhythm guitar position with the Rock City Angels.  Once he landed the role of Officer Tom Hanson on 21 Jump Street, Johnny's career as an actor was secured.  But he still enjoyed his love of playing rock and roll music with his band P during the 90's, and even put out a few releases under his alterego/band Tonto's Giant Nuts in the 00's and 10's. Finally, Johnny became part of the Supergroup, Hollywood Vampires, with an album and Rock In Rio performance in 2015, followed by a Grammy performance and the Raise The Dead tour in 2016.
     Here is a brief recap of Johnny's endeavors as a musician from the 2007 Life Story publication.  (Note that the article contains some minor inaccuracies, but is still fun reading.  Click thumbnails to enlarge!)

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Here is some information on and history of Johnny's bands.  Click a thumbnail to reach each section!
before the kids
Before The Kids
(updated 2/26/19)
The Kids
The Kids (& Six Gun Method)
1980-1984 (plus reunions)
(updated 7/10/16)

Rock City Angels
Rock City Angels
(updated 2/16/15)
(updated 1/30/16)
Tonto's Giant Nuts
Tonto's Giant Nuts
(updated 6/29/13)
hollywood vampires
Hollywood Vampires

(updated 10/31/17)

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